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Vacation and travel to beaches

Vacation and travel to beaches, mountains and cities are common, and most of the time they are the most picked places. But what if you want to go and explore something entirely different and equally amazing and adventurous? Yes, there are many answers to this, so while you ponder and wonder, here is one of the best options, Safari. Exploring the wilderness in an open jeep right in the center of sun-dried fields and landscape is a totally new experience worth every bit of a fascinating trip. The first name that comes to the mind hearing the world ‘Safari’ is Africa, and why not? The world’s second largest continent Africa is extremely famous for several interesting African safaris that attract huge tourist attention every year. So, here we are with a list of famous African safaris to plan an expedition this vacation.

The largest continent in the world

The largest continent in the world, Asia has diversity which defines various cultures, religions, traditions and places. With 50 countries scattered all over the entire continent, many languages spoken by over four billion people, and history spanned over eras including some of the world’s oldest civilizations and scripts , several incredible things are credited to Asia. If you are looking for travel destination in Asia, be prepared for a long list with each place equally alluring and heavenly. From exquisite Islands, magnificent mountains, stunning cities to jaw dropping scenic locations, you are in for amazing explorations and wonderful experiences. While the list of best places in Asia is truly long and excellent, there are few extremely popular splendid places of the continent.