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I hate to cause controversy on Thanksgiving

I hate to cause controversy on Thanksgiving, but some issues cannot be ignored. I realize this could even lead to what I have come to learn is the ultimate social rebuke, people unfriending me on Facebook. Nevertheless, I am compelled to proceed.
I am, of course, talking about the debate whether to serve turkey or ham on Thanksgiving. I like ham. If you were to invite me to dinner and served ham, I would be pleased. However, ham is not the appropriate entrée for Thanksgiving. You should serve turkey on Thanksgiving.
Being a magnanimous person, I have decided to remain friends with those of you who serve ham. While I think you are wrong on this very important issue, I am not going to let a turkey or a ham break up our friendship.
Have a good Thanksgiving…even if you serve ham.

Asexuality can be a lifetime or temporary practice for many people

Asexuality can be a lifetime or temporary practice for many people. Yet there is very little common knowledge about it which leads to self-doubt, insecurity and misidentification. Asexual people are often misguided to see a psychoanalyst in order to “get cured”. This website provides an inclusive and queer notion of asexuality and makes possible to widen our spectrum regarding (a)sexual orientation and practice. People without sexual activity are not saints nor ill. They do not refuse sexual activity to look “hard to get” or “pure”. They do not have medical or emotional problems. They have different ways of experiencing intimacy, eroticism, playfulness, tenderness, passion and euphoria. If you or any of your loved ones are asexual, do not tell them that they’d better seek help or they might get old, spiteful and lonely and will die alone! Do not encourage them to start dating randomly or against their will so that “they get used to it”. Let them take their time and enjoy life the way they know best. Marriage and relationships are only one way of living and shaping families and closeness. There are many more options to contribute to regeneration and passing the heritage on. Heteronormativity not only puts pressure on everyone to be(come) a certain way, but makes many people feel an urge to behave and think narrow and limited. Not everyone involved in a heterosexual relationship is happy nor everyone unmarried is incapable of love and commitment. When you approach to a person, consider that they might have a different preferred sexual distance than yours. If they get guarded or nervous by your sexual hints (rhetorical or touch) it does not mean they are rejecting You as a person, they might just be uncomfortable with the distance and expectations that they feel they are supposed to satisfy in this situation. Relocate yourself and assure them that you acknowledge their sexual distance. You might end up experiencing exciting moments and bonds.
Please share your experience with others (and here, if you wish) and let them know that you support freedom of sexuality and asexuality.

“The real challenge is the creation of a realistic social program that can actively unify blue

“The real challenge is the creation of a realistic social program that can actively unify blue-collar employees, semi-skilled workers, the unemployed, and other disadvantaged sectors across the color line. In March 1985, the principal organizers of the Rainbow Coalition met in Gary, Indiana to create a permanent national formation. [Jesse] Jackson’s new thirteen point program, which includes demands for ‘fair immigration policies, revitalization of cities, aid to small farmers, and revamping the tax structure,’ has the potential for reaching oppressed white and Latinos who resisted participation in the 1984 primary campaign. The paradox of American social history is that the activism of people of color has been the decisive component in moving the boundaries of politics further to the left for the entire society; yet ‘race politics’ is also the central component for the far right to discipline the working class. Whether the Rainbow’s progressive utilization of race is able to transcend the conservative racist social movement and the white working class’s tendency to affirm their racial identity rather than material interests at the polls is a political question of such decisive importance for the future of democratic politics in the USA that progressives of all races and classes ignore it at their peril.” Manning Marable, from “Race and Realignment in American Politics,” (originally published in 1985)
In this essay, written in 1985, Marable predicts and deduces our current moment–the move toward a type of American fascism, class warfare, and the continued rise of white nationalism couched in less aggressive terms like ‘conservative,’ ‘the right,’ and, to be added to this list, alt-right. Many of us are seeking not only wise words and comfort but also words that might direct us toward action and wise action. Manning Marable might be such a source.

To all my Bernie Sanders friends:

To all my Bernie Sanders friends:
Let’s not forget that Hillary won the popular vote!
I’m glad all you Bernie supporters feel superior today. He wasn’t the candidate for me anymore than Hillary was for you. Old, white male, career politician who said all the right things but didn’t impress me.
Trump won because of the arcane concept known as the Electoral College!
PLEASE PEOPLE! Let’s come together for the good of all the people and set aside our Monday morning quarterbacking!!
Artwork by my sister Mary Pohlmann.