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“Swing” (

“Swing” (, 1/3).
My Vancouver and my Canada includes cricket and all participating players with backgrounds from South Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.
Batting side Centurions’ S. Ijaz (in red) is about to strike the delivered ball into a pull shot as the fielder (1st-slip position) from Salim Akbar I in green watches. The white cricket ball has a slightly raised central seam on the surface. At each end of the cricket pitch (bright green) is a wicket consisting of 3 vertical poles or stumps, and 2 small horizontal bails between the stumps.
BCMCL 2016 regular season, Elite Division Match no.2051: Brockton Oval, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada – 7 Aug 2016 (HL).
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1. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism. (mayoclinic. org)
and add to that:
2. Compulsive lying, intentional dissimulation, is associated with a range of diagnoses, such as antisocial, borderline and narcissistic personality disorders. When it comes to compulsive liars, “words seem to flow out of their mouths without them thinking about it.” (

As healthcare in this country changes and access/coverage may not be a certainty and vulnerable groups find themselves scared

As healthcare in this country changes and access/coverage may not be a certainty and vulnerable groups find themselves scared, we healthcare providers must remember why we sacrificed so much of our lives in training. Our pledges of beneficence and nonmalfeasance mean something that we must stand behind, not just in the medical care of our patients, but also in their social care. Morality and ethical behavior trumps isolationism.
“Immigrant families are our neighbors, they are part of every community, and they are our patients. The Executive Orders signed today are harmful to immigrant children and families throughout our country. Many of the children who will be most affected are the victims of unspeakable violence and have been exposed to trauma. Children do not immigrate, they flee. They are coming to the U.S. seeking safe haven in our country and they need our compassion and assistance. Broad scale expansion of family detention only exacerbates their suffering.”

This year

This year, so many of us are placing our feeling state on a higher pedestal than the size of our scurried schedules.
I hear about it all day on social media. My sisters and I riff on this. I observe my team as they hungrily take in the teachings of alignment, flow, ease, magnetism, attraction, co-creation. Their eyes sparkle as they allow a better way of living to settle in their cells.
This is critically important right now, and everyone devoted to this way of being is truly doing The Big Work.
That’s you, right?
Even when the societal story still determines the markers for success. Even when ‘busy’ is STILL being revered. Even when action still seems trumps all.
There is something deeper stirring in you, and you’re really starting to get that the universe isn’t out there ↗️, but rather, in here❤️.
That LIFE is something to design, not something to unconsciously react to.
That you, just like the rest of us, are a unique, individualized expression of Life / God / Infinity.
Something happens when you own that. You simultaneously become more self-responsible AND self-compassionate. You stop seeing yourself as a mere BLOB, and instead, a miracle. The colours, smells, sounds, textures around you… they become brighter, sharper, more beautiful, because you’ve begun to take in the fullness of life, rather than merely stopping at the thoughts in your head.
I just wanna honour you for taking that journey. Years from now this is the way everyone will live – tuned in and turned on – but one day they will write about THIS being the time that humanity rapidly started thinking, believing and living differently.
You and I play a role in rewriting this story for ourselves and humanity. How utterly special is that ?

January 14 is an important anniversary in Canada

January 14 is an important anniversary in Canada
It’s the birthday of Carrie Derick who became a leader for women’s rights and paving the way for women in education.
In 1912 when McGill University hired Derick as Professor of Comparative Morphology and Genetics, she became the first woman to be appointed full professor at a Canadian university. She would teach botany and genetics, and lead and mentor at McGill University until poor health forced her into retirement in 1929 when she became the first woman professor emeritus in Canada.
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