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“What does it mean to be black in Germany

“What does it mean to be black in Germany? (via DW Culture, DW Kultur)
DW’s Jana Pareigis was Germany’s first Afro-German news anchor. In the documentary “Afro.Germany”, she travels across the country to meet other black people. Her ten interview partners include the footballer Gerald Asamoah, musician Samy Deluxe, victim of hate crime Issa Barra, and 92-year-old author and WWII survivor, Theodor Wonja Michael.
A Personal Documentary
Jana Pareigis and her interview partners provide a personal view of what it means to be a black person in Germany. In the documentary they share their experiences and private thoughts, and how for them growing up was also about finally feeling comfortable in their own skin.

If you have some time this weekend

If you have some time this weekend, take a moment to check out our crowd funding campaign and support our project. We have already reached 60% of our funding goal!!! The goal of crowd funding is for many people to come together and by each lending a little support, collectively we can accomplish something big. Making a feature length movie is no small task, but even a small amount of support (or a share) means a great deal to us. Thank you!

“How one valley is isolated from the rest of the country

“How one valley is isolated from the rest of the country.”
Visible snake-trails have been left behind by skiiers and snowboarders from the Kanzlerwandbahn cable-car which is accessible from the Kleinwalsertal valley in Austria. Towering behind is Grosser Widderstein at 2533 metres (8310 feet) tall. As an enormous block of Dolomite stone in the Allgäu Alps, the Widderstein mountain stands firm at the very southern end of the Kleinwalsertal valley, and the steep mountains here are historically why no road has connected Kleinwalsertal with the rest of Austria. The only road access into Kleinwalsertal is from Oberstdorf, Germany. However, as you can see here, you can freely ski or hike at elevation across the Germany-Austria border between Fellhorn and Kanzelwand in winter or summer, respectively.
From Fellhorn across the DE-AT frontier to Kanzelwand – 8 Mar 2017 (© HL).
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“Sunday night auf Deutsch in Oberstdorf”

“Sunday night auf Deutsch in Oberstdorf”
With fewer than ten-thousand inhabitants, Oberstdorf in southern Bavaria is as its German name suggests: an “upper village” tucked in the Allgäu Alps near the German-Austrian border. Yet, the town feels busy and full with skiiers, snowboarders, and winter hikers.
It’s Sunday night and I’m on the hunt for “schnitzel and spätzle.” With my eye already on a place, I arrive at 630pm to a full house. I don’t have a reservation (which is dumb in a small town), but a table of four is available (which is fortunate). The server offers me the table, with the condition I’ll be sharing the table if two people want places. “Alles klar,” I reply.
I order a standard half-litre Weizen beer, along with the required schnitzel-and-spätzle platter. An elderly couple is offered two places at my table; they take one glance in my direction, and they’re gone. The server wears a puzzled look, and I can only shrug. A second couple arrives ten minutes later, and as they approach my table with curiosity, I tell them “die Plätze sind noch frei” (the places are available). They express their thanks, and take their seats across from me. Those last five German words set a positive tone for the rest of the evening.
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I was reminded by fb

I was reminded by fb, that I filmed both these projects, exactly 2yrs apart to the day.
The film on the left, got me the other film. I turned down 2 national commercials while filming the 1st, & I was working for FREE. We all love Money, but it can’t buy the experience you gain or your reputation!
Two most important things in this biz, your word & relationships. My word booked me with out an audition & I was honored to work two amazing casts & crews. Every project moves you one step closer to your dream!
Ps. Who would win in a fight… #mostwanted #armyoftwo #followyourdreams #believe