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‘Beware of resistance fatigue

‘Beware of resistance fatigue,” I warn in my contribution to the Guardian’s panel on Trump’s 100 days (alongside
Jill Abramson, Kate Aronoff, and Moustafa Bayoumi)
Trump’s first 100 days have pleasantly surprised me in showing that our nation has various centers of power, and that these centers have diffused, if not negated, 45’s attempt at full-on authoritarianism.
It’s been heartening to witness the judicial branch slowing down Trump’s immigration ban attempts and attempt to punish sanctuary cities, even more so considering these legal decisions were made in the context of vocal, well-organized and enormous protests by an inspiringly activist citizenry. And Trump’s failure to even pass substantial legislation on healthcare or a border wall would be hilariously funny if they stakes weren’t so deadly.
But sadly, I have not been surprised at all at what Trump’s still horrific first 100 days have revealed about white people, Republicans and the Democratic Party. Absurdly, a majority of white people have actually thought President Trump has been doing a bang up job. So have most Republicans, who have successfully gotten 45 to install a judge some conservatives hope will be “pro-life” to the Supreme Court (and whose first vote was to kill a black man). Indeed, Trump’s prediction that he could shoot someone and his supporters would stand by him is probably true.
Meanwhile, the Democrats – whose leaders have mostly been hiding in the woods or earning $400,000 an hour for talks to Wall Street – still haven’t learned the lesson that Republicans will never vote for them and Wall Street economics are not embraced by the people whose votes they need to be winning.
Trump’s resistance should feel proud of how it’s been able to fight. But it should also be worried about activism fatigue (and a piss-poor opposition party) as 45 continues his war against medical, economic, environmental and social justice for the nation’s most vulnerable.

PSA: If you truly care about someone’s well being and you know they are not doing well emotionally and you have their phone number

PSA: If you truly care about someone’s well being and you know they are not doing well emotionally and you have their phone number, Call Them!
Don’t text them, don’t message them on social media asking if everything is okay just because you saw them something post something concerning online. If you personally know them and have their number, Pick up the phone and call, go by there house if you know where they live. You’re never an inconvenience to someone in need so don’t fool yourself by thinking you really tryna help with half ass reach out methods. Don’t let social media ruin your way of communicating effectively during someone elses time of need.
Be a real friend not a fake friend. If you don’t truly care enough to do what’s needed then don’t do anything at all. Don’t offer fake or half concern.
Okay, that’s my PSA. I see so many people doing that online, I just had to speak on it. Haha

Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness

Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretense, sham. Hypocrisy is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.[1] According to British political philosopher David Runciman, “Other kinds of hypocritical deception include claims to knowledge that one lacks, claims to a consistency that one cannot sustain, claims to a loyalty that one does not possess, claims to an identity that one does not hold.”[2] American political journalist Michael Gerson says that political hypocrisy is “the conscious use of a mask to fool the public and gain political benefit.”[3]
Hypocrisy has been a subject of folk wisdom and wisdom literature from the beginnings of human history. Increasingly, since the 1980s, it has also become central to studies in behavioral economics, cognitive science, cultural psychology, decision making, ethics, evolutionary psychology, moral psychology, political sociology, positive psychology, social psychology, and social psychology (sociology).


Re-entry after 10 amazing days in the wilderness, and in the most social-intimate immersion for me in years, verklempt but must go on to:
all the mess and chores I left;
my notebook open, a pen close by, a blank page gaping;
desert willow my love is blooming, and Mt Lemmon is calling…
And then there’s this: part of my job as a translator of encyclopedia articles is to check and transfer translated quotations and references. In layman’s terms, this equates to hunting for needles in haystacks. Lacking a university affiliation right now, I’m endeavoring to obtain all these references through the Tucson public library system. Of course my ten-day absence caused some overdues and some “maybe too late to pick up”s. The librarian who helped me was like a bigger version of me (olive skin/green eyes) in a hijab, and together we processed these several books, most of which were very obviously to do with Jewish history. Such an odd moment–our kinship, our shared focus on the power of the book, our distance from notional homeland, the kinship despite those little overt markers of Muslim/Jew…

“Films and TV shows whose appeal derives from their insider depiction of how films and TV shows are made have been an entertainment industry staple going back at least as far as King Vidor’s Show People in 1928

“Films and TV shows whose appeal derives from their insider depiction of how films and TV shows are made have been an entertainment industry staple going back at least as far as King Vidor’s Show People in 1928, and in the decades since they’ve comprised their own virtual subgenre. Movies and television series as disparate as Singin’ in the Rain, Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, Soapdish, Knight of Cups, S.O.B. and Entourage – along with hundreds if not thousands of others – are all linked by their self-reflexive (and, in the best cases, self-reflective) “Hollywood on Hollywood” approach to storytelling. The immensely entertaining new Freeform series Famous in Love contains echoes of all these works and explicitly comments on many of them, particularly in the case of Entourage (more on that later). But it’s far more than the sum of its influences; as the first truly ambitious Hollywood-on-Hollywood-style series to emerge at the peak of the social media age, it takes the traditions from which it draws in surprisingly fresh directions, using its milieu to comment not only on show business but on women and power in American society at large.”
– Jim Hemphill
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Internet Marketing isn’t about winning useless popularity contests

Internet Marketing isn’t about winning useless popularity contests, depending on paid ads or competing for social engagements. In the end, it’s always about results, which in most cases, that means first generating traffic to your websites. To become a real marketer, you must have the capability to drive traffic at will, especially free traffic. You may not get the initial likes, comments or other interactions that make you feel “cool” (most potential buyers usually skip them anyway), but that’s okay because this is only a small part of social media marketing that typically never contributes to the bottom line. Always remain humble and continue to learn, and once you have acquired the skill to keep attracting visitors to your websites for days from only a single post, master additional traffic generation techniques to build yourself a truly profitable passive online business. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t waste time on anything less.

I have accepted the Kozist 7

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou
Eva Gold
Though a few days late, I wanted offer a Kozist ValYou to you. I have not seen you since college but have followed you in recent years on FB. Your successful life, personally and professionally could have been predicted by who you were, and becoming from the time I first knew you as one of the “Abbey Girls” on Church St.
The Roman Toga Party you all hosted, still ranks in Danny’s Dan Fogel and my mind, as one of the best parties ever in the history of parties. I think of David Fogel (who we still miss terribly) laying on your sofa, always waiting for Connie to come home. And he was in medical school! The wedding in the Arboretum at sunrise followed by the Detroit Country Club was is a wonderful memory. And, Danny and I may spent more time at your apartment than in class our sophomore year.
However, beyond the many fun times, I wanted to write about how much I admired you through college and did not appreciate enough nor share that admiration. This Kozist Challenge provides that opportunity, and after participating in this Challenge frequently this past month I realize it is never too late.
You were the original feminist, and mensch, not only in words but in action. I recall your having to overcome much to get out of your house in Oak Park, and get to college at Michigan. Most of us coasted with parental emotional and financial support. Not you. You did it mostly on your own, excelling academically while usually working a ridiculously number of jobs supporting yourself. At the same time you were sensitive and aware of what was going on with others around you. Most of us did not know what it meant to have certain values and convictions about important things in life. You did, and those obviously were transformed by your choices personally and professionally later as an adult.
I am not surprised that you chose social work and later psychology, as an expert in Gestalt treatment. You obviously provide the kind of help that facilitates growth, helping others to overcome all kinds of challenges from one’s past yet still alive in the present. You lived it, and have made your experience available to others.
Thanks again for sharing the pics of the Abbey Girls’ reunion recently—so much fun “to see” everyone.
We all knew you back than as “Elaine,” but ValYou the “Eva” you became. Well done you.
Warm regards, Mark

With Easter being this weekend

With Easter being this weekend, a lot of family is in town. The nastiness has already begun…one of my cousins is dating a woman who says she directs TV commercials. We got talking and she said to me, “You should write a blockbuster novel. You should write something like 50 Shades of Grey.” What is wrong with people? First of all, somebody else wrote that. Second of all, I don’t set out with “blockbuster: in mind. If it were that easy we’d all produce them, right? Thirdly I was dying to say to her, “Stop piddling around with TV commercials. “You need to direct a blockbuster like Rogue One.” I may say it before the weekend is over lol

or co

or co-workers should be able to read your mind. Remember what Jesus Christ himself said in Matthew 7:7: “ Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you”. There is nothing to be gained from keeping to yourself, express yourself, if you know you are not extroverted, you can write. If you know you have a talent or a gift, use it. Go out and make friends, a recluse is of no use to anyone. As the popular maxim goes “unless the tortoise sticks its head out of its shell it cannot go anywhere”
FACT: Lions Are Very Social Animals; They Form Groups Called Prides With Sometimes As Many As Forty Individuals In a Pride:
LESSON:2.Interact With Others So That You Can Get Better
Robert Greene’s eighteenth law of power says : “Do not build fortresses to protect yourself – isolation is dangerous.” Many people believe that life is a road that must be travelled alone and that the task of leadership is a burden that cannot be shared. While these assertions are true to some extent, we all still have to recognize that there is a reason that we have family members, friends, co-workers, bosses, mentors followers or even employees. They are not just there because they are our blood or they have something to gain from us, they are there to rejoice with us in happy moments, to share sorrows with, to impart knowledge to us and to help us in our travels on the highway of life. One fascinating thing about a pride of lions is that other females are always ready to help a female babysit her cubs when she goes hunting. We should recognize that the reason why the sea is so big is that it has many small rivers, streams, and rivulets feeding it. The leader should recognize himself as a river feeding others and being fed by others in turn. A river which isolates itself, which feeds nothing and which nothing feeds will sooner or later start to stink or dry up. Remember the popular acronym TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

“Urbanscapes: the SoCal stretch

“Urbanscapes: the SoCal stretch.”
With a zoom-lens, there is detail to be had in the features at the largest focal lengths. Cutting across greater Los Angeles, this view south along Normandie Avenue (center-right) goes underneath highway US-101 to Wilshire Boulevard (e.g., Equitable Life Building) and beyond. A helicopter from the LAPD Air Support Division is visible on patrol. Above and behind the Equitable tower is the white “faith dome” at the Crenshaw Center complex. The hills of Palos Verdes ascend to the right in the background. At upper-left, plumes of steam rise from the stacks at the Wilmington Plant of the Phillips 66 Los Angeles Refinery. The line-of-sight distance to the refinery from the viewpoint at Griffith Observatory is about 38 kilometres (24 miles).
From Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA, – 29 Feb 2012, as part of year-long RTW (© HL).