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Within 4 months
You may disown a member of your family.
Within 1 month
You may have a tendency to deceive other people, during this time.
This will only increase the distrust people will have for you.
You may experience fretfulness due to some matter/ situation.
Within 8 months
You’ll have a difficult time with family members.
Or, in trying to make travel arrangements/ schedule outings together – try to avoid friction.
Within 3 months
You may live near gardens.
During this period, you need to avoid being engaged in destructive emotions, self-pity, guilt, inadequacy and fear.
You may fail to recognize danger and your inability to detect people who may wish to harm you.
Discussing your inner fear/ worry may be unproductive, because you mighten’t have a clear sense of exactly what the issue is, or people who try to help you may not be able to understand the issue.
BIRTHDAYS: – 3 – 12 Sept.
During this period, you have a yearning to know your inner self.
You’re optimistic, generous with an intellectual mind.
You have a strong physical vitality.
As a non-combative person, you would prefer to help people rather than fight.
Benefits are attracted to you.
You may travel, during this time.
Within 10 months
You’ll have a feeling of security, prosperity, attainment and recognition.
Within 4 months
You may behave violently in your private life.
During this period, people may not be inclined to recognize your efforts/ projects.
It may be the pride/ jealousy of people which may get in the way of your progress, but whatever the reason, you’re likely to waste time if you try to arouse their interest/ admiration.
You may encounter people/ situations which may all sow and no substance.
There is no productive way to expand your mental horizons/ increase your personal status in this situation.
An unfavourable time for adventure/ court decisions/ long distance travel/ political activities/ publishing/ religious activities/ situations related to your father/ his issues.
Remain in your own environment of influence, or attend to routine business.
During this period, you may be required to handle matters of inheritance.
Or, you may have to make financial arrangements for a funeral.
An unfavourable time for joint income/ the collection of debts you’re owed.
People may try to impose their values on you.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 23 Sept.
Within 4 months
You may purchase a collection of fine art for your home.
Within 3 months
You may develop new ideas in your gardening techniques.
Within 5 months
You may fill the position as a waiter/ waitress as your vocation.
You may have a child who is very persuasive.
You may venture out to dancing socially.
Close relationships, including romantic, business partnerships and close friendships, benefit you during this time.
You may make some lucky contacts now with the potential to pay off within the next several years.
Knowledge and favours are easily traded, and people are willing to share their expertise with you.
Marriage is possible, but congenial relationships are more likely.
During this period, the flow of information and communications that come your way contain useful messages, which allows you to express your indiviuality and exert personal influence.
Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the ideas of people, but be sure that you give them credit where it’s due.
The creative input, strength of character, or leadership you exhibit in meeting, group discussions, or with regard to community affairs and business transactions may make a big difference in how well situations turn out for you.


BIRTHDAYS: – 23 Jul. – 2 Aug.
Your focus now is on personal and financial security, but don’t mistake an accumulation of possessions as a substitute for a positive self image.
Instead, invest time and effort in yourself to create the inner and outer you that you desire.
Common sense, planning, organization and practicality are strong assets, during this time.
Within 6 months
You may be in a habit of becoming rebellious.
You have a habit or stealing.
You may work with arsenals.
Within 8 months
You’re likely to reflect what you’ve worked for, and recognition/ increased status you deserve.
Within 10 months
You may seek and need comfort from the demands of the outside world – a good time to retire at home and relax.
Or, you like to have your surroundings exactly the way you want.
If a person in your home has different ideas, you may have issues in coming to an agreement.
Living with your parents may be particularly difficult, during this period.
Your home life may change – change of residence, your home experiences repairs/ remodelling, changes within your family – divorce/ death/ separations/ changes of family relationships.
Or, your home life may become a confusion/ difficulty, because a person in your home is working against your best interests – making you feel less secure.
Within 7 months
Your business may become involved in postal co.
BIRTHDAYS: – 3 – 12 Aug.
During this period, you’ve balanced successfully your emotional thought patterns and unpredictable behaviour.
You have a heightened intuitive awareness and an alert mind, during this time.
Your life may be unusual with many kinds of experience, which bring changes that are sudden and unexpected.
You may have original ideas, concepts and goals which may be beneficial to others.
Within 2 months
You may experience your business enterprise being affected by strikes.
During this period, you may experience superior thoughts/ intuitive insight.
You may be a genius who may make important discoveries in your chosen field.
You may seek out unusual friendships and activities.
You may experience restlessness and a desire for constant change and excitement.
You may want to become involved with the new, the untried, the inventive.
Within 7 months
You may become involved with the public through foreign people.
Your business may become successful.
Your paternal grandparents may be liable to fairness in their dealings.
Details, planning and analysis are your new found strengths, along with a growing interest in health and service.
You can profit from these traits both personally and professionally as long as you remember that perfection really is an unachievable and unnecessary goal.
Fill your mind with positive thoughts every day.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 23 Aug.
Within 2 months
You may become a politician through your efforts.
During this period, you may have successfully brought your desires – emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual under full control of your willpower.
You have physical vitality, as well as an active mind.
You prefer to be a spectator rather than a competitor.
You’re self-assertive with courage, which will make you an excellent leader, although you don’t usually exert yourself to become a leader.
Being a non-combative person, you enjoy competitive sports that are played by the rules and are non-violent.
Within 8 months
You’ll feel trapped in a negative cycle of events and will worry that the future holds more of the same.
A younger/ young man, who is inclined to have the desire to communicate his thoughts in a clever and inspiring manner.
He may have a writing and speaking ability.
He may seek out people to communicate intellectually, including a romantic partner.
He may be fond of children and may stimulate their minds.
You may connect/ be connected to hm in some way.
During this period, you may develop fanatical adherence toward esoteric cults, or toward political philosophies.
Or, you may be an ‘arm-chair philosopher’ whose off-hand answers for the world’s ills aren’t based on any practical experience.

There is someone out there that will open their heart for you

There is someone out there that will open their heart for you. Do not ever give up believing. Reach out when you need to. Please.
Let’s do one thing today. STOP pretending that everyone of us isn’t or hasn’t been affected directly or indirectly. Being real about this begins an understanding that starts the healing. No one needs to hide any longer.
I will never be indifferent to indifference.
Human connectivity heals. Social isolation is destructive. Take a moment folks. Reach out when you can. Spread the word.
Sometimes even Twenty-Seconds can make a huge difference. Sometimes it quite simply. Can save a life. . #Believe in #hope

Why are they not facing repercussions

Why are they not facing repercussions…besides social media “backlash” and possibly not getting invited to a network New Years Eve party? I don’t mind if you don’t like our president. You can protest and have your freedom of speech. But it is this kind of behavior that wrecks the unity we’ve worked so hard for. John Adams said free speech was meant for a moral society..these folks should be reprimanded by the law, not their PR rep. Very disturbing where we’re are as a nation right now.


BIRTHDAYS: – 22 Jun. – 1 Jul.
You may become a famed leader after your demise.
Within 9 months
You’ll be afraid to trust yourself, or your decisions due to you being wrong in the past.
Or, you couldn’t make things happen.
Within 8 months
You’ll have a difficult time with family members.
Or, in trying to make travel arrangements/ schedule outings together – try to avoid friction.
Within 8 months
You’ll be feeling restricted/ boxed in, but are actually in a protective (spiritual) position; you won’t be diverted from your higher purposes.
Within 1 month
You may be inclined to become quarrelsome, during this period.
Take time out before it esculates.
BIRTHDAYS: – 2 – 12 Jul.
A woman, who is inclined to be friendly, generous and detached.
She needs much freedom.
She may lack permanence in many of her involvements.
Her values in romantic matters may be superficial.
Her emotions are on a mental level than sentimental.
She thrives on change and variety.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.
Within 2 months
You may have a talent as a magician/ black magic.
A man, who is inclined to be attached to his home and family.
He may be poetic, material and imaginative.
He may be rather quiet, conscientious and receptive.
He may be deeply concerned with what people think of him.
He may like to cook and entertain.
He may manipulate to achieve his aims, due to his emotional security.
He needs a quiet place to retreat.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
A man, who is inclined to be handsome, compassionate, frank, generous, honest and kind.
He has a charming personality.
He is loyal and affectionate, but may be easily hurt, as he may be in love with love.
He may be preoccupied with his physical appearance.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
You may become impulsive, and may have to learn to use your willpower in order to control your fluctuating emotional turmoil that seethes your inner being.
You’re extremely sensitive, during this time, but unfortunately don’t always take into consideration how your own actions may affect other people.
You may have a strong vitality, and utilize it to work with many different projects at the same time.
Because of your high vitality, you may, at times, lack patience with other people who don’t have your energy level.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 22 Jul.
Within 5 months
You may begin a love affair with an artist.
You may have a child who is very knowledgeable.
Within 9 months
A surprise is in store for you.
A visitor may arrive – a person you’re very happy to see.
During this period, your psychic energy, intuition, spiritual awareness and artistic sensitivity may reach an exceptional development, if you choose to investigate and utilize them.
Your facets of nature that require illusion/ pretense will be satisfied, much caution is needed if your lose touch with reality.
Your enhanced imagination may result in the favourable inspired ideas/ actions, but also unfortunately it may be responsible for fanaticism/ paranoia.
People/ situations which you encounter may be associated with alcohol, bankruptcy, dancing, drugs, footwear/ feet, illusion, mystery, the ocean, promotion, religion, or scandal.
Within 6 months
You may be in a habit of pursuing extra-marital sexual relations.
You may be in a habit of quarreling.
You may have a tenant who may be malicious.
You have the ability to communicate your ideas to your romantic partner/ spouse/ friends, but watch out in your tendency to tune out of the conversation.

From 786 AD/CE

From 786 AD/CE, Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne built his imperial palace in what is now Aachen. Built between 793 and 813 AD/CE, the Palatine chapel includes the original octagon, an example of Carolingian Renaissance construction. The church would eventually become the core for the much larger “surrounding” cathedral. Aachen’s Cathedral is Germany’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site (1978). The first Sunday in June is UNESCO World Heritage Day in Germany; this year it’s June 4.
Aachen, Germany – 14 Jan 2013 (HL).
( Aachen Cathedral | Stadt Aachen | Germany Tourism | Unesco World Heritage Germany | UNESCO | DW Culture | DW Kultur )

‘Sultan of Selangor upset that Subang MP gave speech in mosque’

‘Sultan of Selangor upset that Subang MP gave speech in mosque’
May 30, 2017
PETALING JAYA: The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, is reportedly upset with the action of Subang MP R Sivarasa, who is said to have entered a mosque and delivered a speech there last week.
Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) director Haris Kasim said he was informed about the matter by the sultan’s private secretary, Munir Bani.
“As has been announced by Selangor Islamic Council (Mais) chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa at the sultan’s buka puasa event at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah yesterday, all mosque managements should not allow speakers without proper credentials from giving talks,” he was quoted as saying by Berita Harian today.
The management of the mosque where Sivarasa had given his speech was summoned last Friday to provide details on the incident. An investigation paper has been submitted to the Selangor palace.
The incident occurred on May 24 when Sivarasa, who is a PKR member, was said to have entered the Masjid An-Nur Kampung Melayu as a representative of Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali and addressed those present there.
Several photos of Sivarasa in the premises were shared over social media, raising the ire of certain parties.
Adzib in his speech yesterday said there were preachers at mosques and surau, as well as public places in Selangor, who were violating rules by giving sermons without possessing appropriate credentials.
Jais is currently undertaking an operation to ensure invited speakers at Muslim religious places have the relevant qualifications from Mais.
FMT has attempted to contact Sivarasa and is awaiting his comments.

I have believed for years that toxic social environments breed violence

I have believed for years that toxic social environments breed violence, especially among the mentally ill.
Where I come from in Arizona, ambitious politicians were doing the Trump routine back in 2010, exploiting fear of Mexican immigrants and fostering hatred of the “elites” that were supposedly selling out the country. My friend Gabrielle Giffords, seeking reelection to Congress, was trying to present a calmer message and was taking enormous levels of heat.
On January 8, 2011, unemployed restaurant worker Jared Loughner who had been listening to all the angry rhetoric and was obsessed with his own ideas of government conspiracies took a Glock down to one of Gabrielle’s events and shot her in the head. She survived, but will never recover. My friend and fellow campaign worker Gabe Zimmerman was killed, along with five others.
The media narrative settled on the old simplistic “isolated act of a deranged gunman” narrative, and I thought it was bullshit and argued so in a book called “A Safeway in Arizona,” which disappeared quickly and got harshly criticized in some quarters for suggesting that the vituperative politics and the culture of loneliness in the urban Southwest played strong aggravating roles in my friend’s murder.
I believe this just as strongly today, and so when two guys get stabbed to death on the Portland metro for coming to the aid of a Muslim woman taking harassment from a stranger ranting about how she should go back to her country, or when a reporter gets slammed to the ground for asking a legitimate question of a Congressional candidate (and many cheer), I can assure you that it isn’t happening in isolation from a politically-created social environment.
When the room gets mean, we also get mean. We are far more mechanistic than we would like to believe.
And there is no overlap between mental illness and intelligence. They read and they listen.

I like what my buddy

I like what my buddy, Michael A. Baron, did on his page, so I’m doing it here. What’s your Twitter handle? I’ll follow you, then you can follow me. That way we’ll be connected on Twitter as well. I try to post different content across my social media pages, so you may see something there that you won’t see here. 🙂

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