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From 786 AD/CE

From 786 AD/CE, Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne built his imperial palace in what is now Aachen. Built between 793 and 813 AD/CE, the Palatine chapel includes the original octagon, an example of Carolingian Renaissance construction. The church would eventually become the core for the much larger “surrounding” cathedral. Aachen’s Cathedral is Germany’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site (1978). The first Sunday in June is UNESCO World Heritage Day in Germany; this year it’s June 4.
Aachen, Germany – 14 Jan 2013 (HL).
( Aachen Cathedral | Stadt Aachen | Germany Tourism | Unesco World Heritage Germany | UNESCO | DW Culture | DW Kultur )

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Did you know

Did you know
R+F Active Hydration Serum is a moisture-loving super serum that boosts your skincare Regimen’s performance thanks to 30% Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid. It draws in moisture from the air and locks it in, creating a water reservoir that delivers continuous, all-day hydration and smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin.
“Dry skin lies. It says you’re older than you are. All skin, regardless of type, can benefit from more hydration. That’s why we developed Active Hydration Serum, which raises the skin’s hydration level by 200% from the very first use.” Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields

“Beneath the Salish Sea” (2016)

“Beneath the Salish Sea” (2016).
This piece by Susan Point is made with red and yellow cedar and acrylic, includes a “spindle whorl” motif with a central sea urchin surrounded by crabs. Working for over 35 years, Point is a Coast Salish artist who has been expressing her heritage with drawings, prints, sculptures, and carvings, using a variety of materials including ink, paint, paper, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, stone. A disk through which a central rod is inserted used to spin and weave, the spindle whorl forms a central element and foundation for her art. To understand better what makes the Canadian Southwest/Pacific Northwest special, travellers to and residents of the city should visit the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Vancouver, BC – 26 May 2017.
( Vancouver Art Gallery | Artslandia Vancouver | Aboriginal Tourism BC )

SCAM of the day

SCAM of the day – Is he nuts????
“Good day, Please we need your current home address and telephone number to
enable us start sending your USD $2.5m to you as we were instructed
by IMF
to send you $5000.00 each day till the whole amount USD $2.5m is
Call Dr Solomon Ebere now and ask him to give you MTCN and every other
information you need to pick up your $5000.00 today. Here is what he may
require from you.
Your Receiver name———–
Your Country——————-
Your City———————–
Your Phone No—————–
Your Id————————-
Your Gender——————–
Forward the information here ( Or Call Dr Solomon
On tele phone @ +229-66546012
Barr Chris Olis

Our Shopping afternoon in Kenya

Our Shopping afternoon in Kenya.
1. Public shared Tuk-tuk to shopping centre #1. Cost .20 cents each.
L loves sitting with driver!
2. Buy mobile roaming for phone ( to backup dodgy internet) but credit card wont work in shop.
3. Tuk-tuk to supermarket #2 (budget shop)
4. Man charges me on credit card $400 for $40 shop but instead of voiding transaction he refunds causing card fees of $8 to me ( I confess I was not the model citizen and got VERY cranky because I asked him 5 times to cancel not refund and now we wait up to 9 days for refund here and it leaves me out of pocket.
5. Walk with ‘golden’ groceries to supermarket #3
Meet people we know. Strange we are befriending locals and chatting at the shops (note to self to dress for shopping).
6. Home in tuk-tuk but still missing lots of needed food so will go to supermarket #4 and #5 on Monday.
7. Start to cook and all pots going and the power goes out and I nearly catch fire!
Thank goodness they switch on generator.
That ends my day….

What exactly is Active Hydration Serum and why do you need it

What exactly is Active Hydration Serum and why do you need it? You’ve got a moisturizer that gives plenty of hydration, right?
❌ WRONG!!!
Moisturizers RETAIN. Hydrators ATTRACT.
Our NEW Active Hydration Serum literally pulls water from the air to PLUMP UP your cells by up to 200% in the first use! THINK RAISIN ➡️ GRAPE. When skin is dehydrated, it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation, dry patches, dullness, and wrinkles (remember the raisin?), but when skin is well-hydrated, it is more plump, flexible, and resilient!
Active Hydration Serum is available TODAY May 16th!

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A notice from a single parent to the Travel Industry

A notice from a single parent to the Travel Industry.
Please share.
** Did you know 1/3 of the world’s families are single parents????? **
That is a huge travel market that the world ignores.
Single parents are often exhausted and need quality, refreshing, and fun times with their kids.
Recently we sat in a 5-star resort.
Every table around us in our corner was a single parent. It shocked me.
Yet how many travel companies promote the two parent, boy, and girl perfect families?
Travel world. You need to look at your marketing for this generation.


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Sadly many Kenya sellers make no sales in the low season

Sadly many Kenya sellers make no sales in the low season, and they have a hopelessness about them. So they make a small sale and go and spend it on ‘drink… and drink (or smoke) and are all buddies drinking together’.
Today I am doing an article on Kenyan artifacts and I needed some photos so I went to talk with them. I took the photos and there were a couple of items I was genuinely interested in, so I was writing down the price.
As I went to leave one guy said: “give me back my pen” (which of course was MY nice pen).
They all chimed in it was his but it has the special touchscreen end on, and it IS mine.
So they get pushy.
Such sad small thinking.
There is no way now I will go back and buy from any of them in that group.
They lost potentially a good customer based on small thinking that they could score a free pen.
It is sad that their desperate need makes them try to cheat others.
Had he asked me, you know, I probably would have given him the pen or returned with one for him.
This is daily life in Kenya.
(Now you have to wait for the blog!)