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One day

One day, 3 men died and went to heaven. “Religion?” God’s secretary asked the first man.
“Jewish,” the man replied.
“Okay, go to room 23, but be very quiet when you go past room 8,” the secretary said.
“Religion?” he asked the second man.
“Go to room 10, but be very quiet when you go past room 8.”
“Religion?” he asked the third man.
“Go to room 71, but be very quiet when you go past room 8.”
“Why must I be quiet when I go past room 8?” the man asked.
The secretary replied, “Oh, the Catholics are in room 8, and they think that they are they are the only ones here.”

✨Where are my shrimp lovers at

✨Where are my shrimp lovers at?✨
This garlic shrimp recipe is bound to be a favorite with it’s irresistible combo of lemon, Parmesan cheese, shrimp and garlic. The best part? You only need ONE PAN. Less dishes = happy husband, ha! Get the recipe details below!
· Parchment paper
· 1 Tbsp. olive oil plus 1 tsp.
· 4 cloves garlic finely chopped
· 1/2 tsp. dried basil
· 1/4 tsp. sea salt or Himalayan salt
· 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper
· 4 medium zucchini cut into 1/2-inch slices
· 1 lb. medium shrimp peeled, deveined
· 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
· 1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
· 2 Tbsp. finely chopped fresh parsley
· Preheat oven to 400º F.
· Line large sheet pan with parchment paper. Set aside.
· Combine oil, garlic, oregano, basil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl; whisk to blend. Set aside.
· Place zucchini on pan. Drizzle with half of oil mixture; mix well to coat. Bake for 10 minutes.
· Add shrimp to pan; mix well.
· Drizzle with remaining half of oil mixture; mix well. Sprinkle with cheese. · Bake for 6 to 8 minutes, or until shrimp is firm and opaque, and zucchini is tender-crisp.
· Drizzle with lemon juice and parsley; serve immediately.

Do you have a child that struggles with anxiety

Do you have a child that struggles with anxiety? Want to connect with other parents that are in the same boat? Please join us! Registration is free. I recently had a question on whether or not there is a catch – a hidden sales pitch somewhere, etc. I assure you that this evening is truly about connecting. I just don’t think that people are accustomed to anything being truly free. I also think that there is true magic in connecting with others topic by topic and that is why we created LifeClub. You can pretty much say that I’m addicted to seeing magic happen in other people. Come feed my addiction LOL. ❤️…

In 1964

In 1964, the Hollies performed at the Paramount Theater in NYC, their first American gig. They and nine other mostly unknown bands were backing up the headliner, Little Richard. Here’s what Graham Nash had to say about him:
“An incredible showman. He’d pound that piano as if it were a tough piece of meat and throw his head back and wail. And that band of his kicked ass, especially his guitar player, a young, skinny kid with fingers out to there.
One night I was standing in the wings as Richard came off the stage and he was livid, his eyes bugging out like a madman, screaming like a motherfucker at that poor kid. “Don’t you ever do that again! Don’t you ever upstage Little Richard!” They got in the elevator, slammed the gate, and I could still hear him ten floors above, taking this kid’s head off. “You hear me, motherfucker! Fuck you—playing your guitar with your teeth!”
He was called Jimmy James then, but you don’t need me to tell you it was Jimi Hendrix. Probably the only guy who could steal the spotlight from Richard.
~Graham Nash, “Wild Tales: A Rock and Roll Life”

I wasn’t feeling fantastic today

I wasn’t feeling fantastic today, but my soul NEEDED to go to church. I’m always happy when I go and always get a few nuggets that speak to me. God is good!
Today’s takeaways:
Do not lose your faith because of the people around you, but build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t look around, look up!”
“It is never too late to look up to Jesus Christ. His arms are always open to you. There are generations before us and after us depending on us to follow Christ so that we can be an eternal family of God.”
(Elder Yoon Hwan Choi)

Domingo Triste

Domingo Triste….
Definitivamente la amistad es uno de los tesoros que mas hay que cuidar, si bien todos tenemos “muchos amigos” al final solo contamos con aquellos que en realidad nos conocen y aprecian de verdad, y que apesae de tantas ocupaciones y distracciones sabemos que estan en las buenas malas y peores, que te rescatan en momentos que sientes morir tanto fisicamente como emocionalmente. Tengo la fortuna de contar con un AMIGO extraordinario MT Lucas Angel Mendoza quien me ha dado muchisimo mas de lo que El mismo cree, y quien por hoy sufre mi corazon al ver que sufre sin yo poder hacer nada…pero tambien que sabe que estoy cada segundo a su lado y no lo soltare…atesoremos a nuestros amigos y no pasemos por alto las inquietudes que puedan tener, estresemonos juntos, riamos, lloremos, hablemos con verdad, enorgullezcamonos por lo que son y logran, sepan perdonar y solo asi podras decir un dia …. cuento con un AMIGO EXTRAORDINARIO
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Outsiders vs Insiders

Outsiders vs Insiders
“The revelation of “[a] God humiliated even unto the cross,” as Pascal put it, flies in the face of what most Jews of Jesus’ time, and of what most people throughout history, have expected God to be. In this light, we can discern the thematic centrality of the cross in Jesus’ many teachings that reverse common expectations about God.
For example, few people in Jesus’ day would have expected God to “justify” a tax collector who was too ashamed to “even look up to heaven” (Lk 18:13) instead of the righteous Pharisee who fasted twice a week, gave a tenth of all he earned to God, and thanked God he was not like “robbers, evildoers, adulterers” or “this tax collector” (vss. 11-2). Similarly, few if any expected God to welcome into his kingdom “tax collectors and prostitutes” before religious leaders whom everyone held in high esteem (Mt 21:31; cf., Lk 7:38-50). Indeed, because the God he revealed was so contrary to what people expected, Jesus repeatedly taught that those whom most assumed were “outsiders” would find themselves “inside,” while those whom most assumed were “insiders” would find themselves “out” (e.g., Mt 7:21-3; 22:1-9; 25:31-46). All of these anticipate the great reversal of the cross, where God entered into total solidarity with “outsiders” by becoming a crucified “outsider.”

Can you think of a time where how you felt about yourself has directly impacted SO many areas of your life

Can you think of a time where how you felt about yourself has directly impacted SO many areas of your life?

I’m not going to lie, the way I’ve been feeling this month is the complete opposite of this picture.

Old habits started creeping back– too much alcohol… to many sweets… the feeling of not being good enough… and depression.

So many factors in my personal life have contributed to all of the above.

But, it’s up to US on whether we decide to change our behavior or keep going down a path we don’t want to find ourselves in.

So, I’m taking control of ONLY what I can and deciding to let the universe figure out the rest.

I feel good today. I have a plan on how I’m going to get back to a place where I feel more ME. Do you?


#happypride! I love this new flag that Amber Hikes, the black queer executive director of Philly’s Office of LGBT Affairs, created this year. I’m nearly 40 and this is the first time I’ve felt this extra tug to talk about how I’m part of this (which is why I’m sad some don’t want this). At age 18 I was at Sarah Lawrence so excited to meet others who identified as queer, specifically bisexual, but I quickly felt pretty shut out by the possibility of announcing it. SLC was the first time I’d been in a majority white environment & i was an international student & I struggled with finding my people. A friend named “Julie” (Yulya Trinidad) there who also was a scholarship kid & also didn’t fit in there, a brilliant lesbian who grew up in the LES projects, took me to my first Pride weekend downtown in 1997 and I was full of so much joy. It’s hard sometimes for people my age to talk about this all–in the 90s most people I knew were queer & none of our parents knew & it wasn’t something we felt compelled to announce. But I’ve had young people in recent years esp, WOC esp, who’ve done the research on me and know what I’ve identified as and they’ve wanted me to talk more about this. (Someone dug up something from 1997 when I discussed being “pansexual as the true state of my bisexuality” even!) They’ve said it matters to them so I want to be open with this too. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with being of too many marginal identifiers in this country but I’m grateful for living in a time when they can be discussed as part of each other. Thus, this flag. I’ve loved many men & women in this life & found it a great joy to be part of these communities & i am so grateful for the work those who came before me did & those after me do. Much love to all celebrating this, extra sweet this year as it coincides with Eid. #morecolormorepride #happypridemonth #pride2017

Last day at Meridian Community College STEAM Camp

Last day at Meridian Community College STEAM Camp. It’s been such an incredible week!
Friday: Submitting, Marketing, Publishing: Once the editing process is accomplished on all material, students research and find the right market. They will analyze markets and the submission guidelines and learn rejection is a part of the process…for all writers. They will discover that in today’s publishing world, there are many opportunities for traditional and non-traditional publishing options, and there are pros and cons to both. They will do an art memory art project of their week at STEAM.