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Hullo luvs

Hullo luvs. The countdown to deadline begins. My 6th book is due on August 26. Wish me luck as I wrap up the last draft of the Book That Ate Five Years of My Life. For those of you who have participated in this project, you have my undying love and gratitude. Now blow kisses to the publisher, which is moments away from agreeing on the Title That Nearly Killed Us Deciding On It, and get ready to order it. <3 to all.

I have been in increasing pain for days

I have been in increasing pain for days, so took myself to the Dr today – in and out for most of the day (lucky he is down the end of our lane).
He is one of the most thorough doctors I have ever been to.
He ran every blood and other tests around and even 2 scans. He sat and went through all the reports.
It has come back 2 infections including Pyelonephritis/kidney infection.
But weird as some of my symptom don’t completely match.
Antibiotics and a $250 bill which I have to say you would never get all that done in most countries for the money.

What time is it

What time is it?! RAFFLE TIME
Who is ready for another raffle? Ok so here is the deal. This raffle is for a full product size of our oh so coveted Enhancements Lash Boost! Yay! Now here’s how you qualify:
This raffle is for any customers of mine or of my personal team. If you place an order or decide you are ready to start up your own fabulous business with one of us then you are entered. This raffle is from the 1st-15th of June. On the 16th of June I will do a live drawing for one lucky winner.
☀️Retail orders are worth one entry
☀️PC orders are worth two entries
☀️Start up your own business and that is five entries
May the odds be in your favor

Last week someone asked me about a rumor they had heard

Last week someone asked me about a rumor they had heard. I owned it; yes, I owned my mistake, sin, choice or whatever you may call it, with no excuses or blame. There are circumstances and details that I do not share with others. Why? Five reasons:
1. No one really cares.
2. My story like yours has lots of chapters and some are not very pretty.
3. You don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle in order to shine brighter yourself.
4. Once you’ve apologized you have to live with the consequences but keep moving forward.
5. There is more to our stories that impacts our lives than others know and even some we struggle to face ourselves.
A final thought: If you’ve got time to talk about me, I’m flattered, but you need a life of your own.
Just a thought!

Shavuah tov chaverim once again the three stars are out in my little corner of the world: I hopeyou had a wonderful Shabbat and are wishing it would never end

Shavuah tov chaverim once again the three stars are out in my little corner of the world: I hopeyou had a wonderful Shabbat and are wishing it would never end.O ne of these days Olam ha’ba will be like a day that is all together the Shabbat, Let us start this week off with a little of Talmud: “for Rab Judah has said in the name of Rab: ‘A man should always engage himself in Torah and the commandments even though it be not for their own sake, because from engaging in them not for their own sake, he will come to engage in them for their own sake.” (Sotah 22b).

Today’s episode of My Hero Academia was absolutely amazing

Today’s episode of My Hero Academia was absolutely amazing! The best single episode of anime I’ve ever reviewed for the IGN Anime Club!
I always believed in it, but I can’t think of the last time it was so obvious that the conversation around a show would change as dramatically as it did here.
With this episode, My Hero Academia feels like it has truly arrived. It’s stomping its foot on the ground, pounding its chest, and daring any of its peers to offer an emotional rollercoaster this tremendous in this way. It’s saying making its voice heard across the world and as All Might would say, it’s telling the whole anime world that “I am here!”

You know what pisses me off about these types of people too

You know what pisses me off about these types of people too? They just will not give a fuck who they menace around, will they? I can’t stand most of these people, I haven’t seen many of them in many years and still regardless of the reason why we have to see each other, the very first thing other people did was begin menacing the fuck around and tried to have it go on for a very long time afterwards. I don’t even understand where the people get off getting upset at me because they’re not allowed to menace around me like that anymore? I had to explain to dumb motherfuckers I wasn’t part of their sick crew anymore after the last one of these things went on and it was a very confusing situation as usual where it’s like why do I have to explain this to you? We are grown up now right? We are all adults now right? So why does everyone need to keep explaining these things to you? People who don’t do things like that should never have to be bothered w you and people who want to get away from things like that should have an actual real chance, not some fucked up bullshit lie of one. That’s what bothers me. When people bring their chaos and their trouble around you for as long as you know, you think there’s never any way away from it. And it seems like there may not be.

There is a group called StopTheScalping STS

There is a group called StopTheScalping STS, on FB.
It has over 88,000 members and it’s a private group dedicated to taking action with destructive media, advertisers, performers, etc. and to STOP the left from getting conservatives silenced.
We are much stronger together!
Following is a letter I just posted on Kraft’s FB page. I got the idea for this letter on STS, and modified it for myself.
“Dear Kraft,
I am sorry that I can no longer purchase your products, which I LOVE, and will not be using them in my recipe’s.
When you sponsor MSNBC and Rachel Maddow, I can’t just turn it off, as my family and friends are re-spouting the lies, and never hear the puny or nonexistent retractions.
I have to do more, I have to protest.
I have watched her lie, slander, report things not substantiated, and VENT her negative-false coverage and bad attitude of our President.
Your company is complicit in the spread of this damaging, slanderous rhetoric that is damaging our country.
If you choose to pull your advertising from Rachel Maddow’s programming then I will begin buying your products again.
If not, I have several options with competitors.
Thank you for listening to this grandmother, and Kraft-user of over 60 years.
Please help remove the trash on evening news!”

Shout out to Denver Mattress in Columbia today

Shout out to Denver Mattress in Columbia today! If you need a mattress they have incredible customer service and great prices!
We went in looking for a top bunk mattress and were complaining about the mattress we chose for the bottom bunk. We wished we splurged a little more. I never read the fine print, but our salesperson Cory who helped up reminded us we were still under our year warranty and could trade in for an upgrade! He didn’t have to inform us of this and we were very grateful and left with confidence we will be shopping there again! Need a mattress, go see them!

✨Sandwiched between two of my best friends and biggest fans

✨Sandwiched between two of my best friends and biggest fans. Spending the afternoon giggling through endless jokes and stories at Washington Square Park in the warm sun was such a highlight of this trip! I’m so elated Blake and JP got to meet. They both have been there for me through many ups and downs, as well as celebrated and empowered me along the journey.
Having amazing friends who inspire and support you being you is critical to self growth and happiness. We rise together after all. I am beyond grateful to have these two by my side ⚡️