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We’re celebrating PPN Birmingham’s first birthday at our new venue Edgbaston Cricket Ground this Wednesday 12th July

We’re celebrating PPN Birmingham’s first birthday at our new venue Edgbaston Cricket Ground this Wednesday 12th July! Come and join us. Social networking celebration in the bar overlooking Edgbaston Cricket Ground and an outside terrace – perfect for summer.
A brilliant opportunity to network and socialise with the speakers, local partners, other PPN hosts and all the community members who have joined us over the past year.
Come and create spectacular new connections and socialise in Birmingham! Book your ticket using the link below, we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

“You might want to sit down to hear what he envisions for the rest of us

“You might want to sit down to hear what he envisions for the rest of us. He has written that with the “rewriting of the social contract” underway, people will be “expected to fend for themselves much more than they do now.” While some will flourish, he admits, “others will fall by the wayside.” Since “worthy individuals” will manage to climb their way out of poverty, “that will make it easier to ignore those who are left behind.” And Cowen didn’t stop there. “We will cut Medicaid for the poor,” he predicted. Further, “the fiscal shortfall will come out of real wages as various cost burdens are shifted to workers” from employers and a government that does less. To “compensate,” this chaired professor in the nation’s second-wealthiest county advises, “people who have had their government benefits cut or pared back” should pack up and move to lower-cost, poor public service states like Texas.”


Wow, 2 years ago today I met these amazing people at the Big Social Media Conference in Manchester.
That conference had a massive impact on quite a few people here – including myself. Thanks to John Ashcroft for putting it on.
I got to see the wonderful Lilach Bullock, Jenny Brennan and Emeric Ernoult again. And I got to meet Samantha Kelly, Julia Bramble, Mari Smith, Christopher Dilts, Melonie Dodaro and Liz Azyan for the first time!
So much has happened since that conference and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet all these guys – all of whom have had a big impact on me!
Here’s to the next two years! 🙂


In Modern times Boys and Girls Study & work together, therefore they get opportunity to meet each -other freely. These kind of frequent meetings cause mutual intimacy which leads them to love affairs, finally they agree to marry. This kind of marriage is called “Love Marriage”. In this type o marriage system the choice of marriage system the choice of the bride & groom is primary and the parents are secondary.
Love marriage always becomes successful on the basis of mutual agreement of the bride and groom. Traditionally the way of examine the 7th house to get information about the chemistry about commitment. 5th house can give us important clues on our romantic life, closeness, intimacy etc, Beside that, 11th house denotes how we maintain relationship with others.
* Venus – An Analysis of Love Marriage :
In astrology Venus, 5th lord and house are primary planets behind any kind of romantic relationship or love affairs and if they are connected with 2nd lord/house, 7th lord/house, 11th lord/house then the native will be involved in love affairs and finally will get married.
* Placement of Venus In Horoscope & Love Marriage :
Venus is the primary planet for love. Without a proper placement of Venus it is not possible to get a successful love in life. Here successful love means- which romantic relationship will convert into a marriage. Here I am not talking about any Extra Marital or illicit Relationship. I am talking about pure love marriage.
* Placement of Venus 5th House and connection between 7th brings love marriage. Venus indicates what your “desire” is in this life. Like : If it is in 5th house so you will be desiring to lead a romantic life always. If your partner’s horoscope doesn’t match with your desire so it will create many complications after marriage , it may end up in divorce or you may look for new world of relationship for you. That’s why divorce rate is so high in case of love marriages, people do not know the difference between love and infatuation or attraction for limited period. If Venus is combusted or debilitated so there will be question mark in romantic life and if there is no love relationship or relationships are not staying for long in somebody’s life, so the matter of “Love Marriage” is useless to him. Because, there should be love relationship at first to enjoy love marriage. In very short I can say – If Venus is place or aspects Lagna, 5th, 7th & 11th house so it will indicate loving nature in native. why ? :
(1) Lagna indicates native’s true being (true you).
(2) 5th house indicates “Romance”.
(3) 7th house is all of your “Desire”, in Sanskrit it is called “Kama”. It indicates strong desire of your Life, Sex, Intimacy and Marriage.
(4) Finally 11th house indicates “New Friends or Relationship”. with a strong 11th house & Venus and connection between them can give many friends of opposite sex. If 5th house and Rahu is also involved in this combination so the native will get several love relationships (or truly speaking – infatuation) in life. If 7th house is also connected with this yoga so the native will marry in case of marriage whether it is love or arranged D-9 or Navamsa will give the final whistle.
* Combination of Moon and Venus makes a person very romantic, and if this yoga is there in lagna or 7th house so Love marriage is confirmed you can say. But, there are also some terms & Conditions :
(1) The Yoga should be without any malefic influence houses or malefic planets.
(2) Combustion Should not be there.
(3) Planets should not be weak or debilitated.
If any of the three above mentioned is available in horoscope but any strong benific planet is influencing the yoga, so the love marriage will happen but after some difficulties. Intensity of adversity will depend on planetary strength of the whole combination.
There is another opinion in Vedic Astrology an obviously some astrologers believe in that opinion also, that is – If Venus is in 5th house from Moon so that also indicates love marriage. But I neverhave got that kind of chart yet where only this position is determining love marriage. One thing is for sure that – if in any chart this placement of Venus is present so it makes the person romantic and brings love relationships in life, but whether that will convert into marriage or not that depends on other factors of horoscope. Like – 7th & 2nd house connection etc.
* How Mars is related to Love Marriage :
Mars is your passion and courage, actually Mars gives a person the courage to express his/her love for others. Venus is your “Love”. So when they come together in any horoscope the native becomes very passionate about Love and their partners. Sometimes it is bad,especially when this yoga get any malefic influence, the native becomes over passionate and that creates confliction between the two parties. Thus, the relationship come to an end. That’s the reason, some astrologers opine, that – combination of Mars and Venus is very bad for Love Marriage – which is also partly true. But, if the passion is well-channelized, means if the yoga is devoid of any negative (house & planets) influence or influenced by benific planets, so it can give a very nice romantic life, where they (partners) will fight with each other for little things but also won’t be able to live also without each other. You can say – a “Sugar & Spice ” love life. If this yoga is connected with 5th or 7th house so that will indicate a successful Love Marriage. Always remember D-9 should is the chart of marriage if this divisional chart does not support love marriage, but, there is a clear indication of love marriage in Rashi Chart so Love Relationships will happen and they (Love Couples) may exchange rings as the token of love but finally the relationship won’t convert into Marriage. Mar’s aspect on Venus will give the same result as co-joining.
* There are so many combinations in astrology, which denotes Love Marriages; following are some important combinations of them :
– If the 7th lord and Venus are aspected by each other or co-joined with Saturn, then the native will marry a girl with whom he is already in love.
– If lords of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th house and Venus are somehow associated with Saturn or Rahu (conjunction/aspect), so the sex attraction will be the main cause of the love affair. If those house lords are strong and not afflicted badly, so that affair could reach to its destination – Marriage. If those house lords are weak or badly afflicted, so that love affairs would not able result into marriage.
– Sun in Taurus denotes, adesire to attract a rich, beautiful and powerful lady to get married, it is all to fulfill his desire.
– If Saturn is associated with 7th house or lord by posited there or by aspects the person will marry a girl who willbe from a previous known family. If this the to fulfill all desires of this wifes try same combination is associated with Ketu, so, he will marry the girl secretly.
– If in a female chart Moon is in Taurus the women will follow the conventional practices of marriage, but on the other hand she won’t hesitate to have an extra marital relationship.
– Venus in Taurus indicates the deep attraction towards a gorgeous woman, if other factors are ok so it will be resulted into marriage, after marriage the native will always try to fulfill all desires of his wife.
– Taurus, Caner, Leo, LIbra & Pisces are called the signs of romance and love affairs. If Venus, Sun, Moon or any of them would be there in these signs, so, the native will involve in love affairs or intimate relationship.
– 2nd house/lord, 7th house/lord and 11th house/lord connections are the main & basic rule to get married in astrology, if 5th house also co-joins with them so that could make love marriage, but the 5th house lord & Venus should be strong and well placed.
* Cancellation of Love Marriage or Love Marriage Problem :
I have already discussed a part of this above, in my writing, if you read the full article you will be able to find it.
Let me summaries :
(1) Any malefic effect on “Love Marriage Yoga”. It may be influence of malefic houses or planets.
(2) “Love Marriage” combination is there in Rashi Chart but not present in Navamsa Chart (The chart of marriage).
(3) Planets -forming “Love MarriageYoga” are weak or debilitated or combusted.
(4) No benific influence on afflicted planets who are forming “Love Marriage” Yoga.


In the study of the body, the entire bodily indications are studied, but the hands indications are more important than the body ones, because the humans performs all actions with hands.
Humans are curious by nature. Hence he wants to study all indications. To satisfy this knowledge hunger of human, Shree Samudra published the Samudrik Shastra and Palmisty for the welfare of humans.
Before the root of the fingers till the wrist-line is known as the length of the palm and the are from the root of the thumb to the other end is known as the breadth of the palm. All the marks within these areas are very important to a palmist.
(1) Extremely broad palm :
Such people normally are very unstable. Their identity is that their palms are more broad than long. Bearers of such palms can’t take quick decisions and think a lot before doing any work. They don’t have a organized form of any work in their life. They take more than one work at hand at the same time and are not able to complete any of them properly, because of which they get depressed. Normally such people are failures in life.
(2) Narrow Palm :
Such person is normally weak by nature. They give their importance to their own selfishness. If in fulfilling their selfish means, someone else gets hurt, they won’t care. Its isn’t advisable to easily trust such people.
(3) Square Palm :
A person whose palm’s breadth and length is the same are healthy, stable, calm and determined. Such people are known as Hard-workers. Whatever they become or achieve in life, its all due to their efforts. They have determination in their nature.
(4) Broad Palm :
Person with broad palm are of good character and strong heart. There’s no difference between their talks and actions. And once if they say something, they stick to that. And if they promise someone about something, they try to keep that promise.
(5) Hard Palm :
Such people’s life is rough and hard. They are hard even in love aspects. And they take love too like a war. If the hands are very tough, then normally such person is a labor. Such person gives his work most importance. They don’t get depressed when some obstacles some, in fact they continue their work.
While examining the type of hands, the age should be taken into consideration. The hands are less tough during youth, but the same person’s hands get tough during old age. In other words, age shouldn’t be ignored while studying hands but normally people with tough hands arents intellectuals and earn their living by hard-work.
(6) Types of hands :
The types of hands are also important for future predictions. It is required of a palmist that when he touches a person’s hand for reading, he analysis what type of hand it is.
(7) Extremely hard hand :
Such hand reflects zero intelligence and exploitation. Such persons feel happy by seeing others unhappy and are extremely selfish. Such hands belong to criminals. The same is seen in the hands of Assassins and professional killers.
(8) Soft Hands :
People with such hands are imaginative. There’s a special kind of flexibility and softness in their nature and their life is according to this. They are ever-ready to help anybody. Such hands mostly belong to women. If a man possesses such hand, then he possesses some feminine traits.
(9) Loose soft hand :
If a hand is soft but extremely loose, then such a person is lazy, useless and extremely selfish. Mostly such persons don’t possess kindness. Such hands belong to criminals. Such people are active in bad and anti-social works. Such persons are heartless, cheaters and guile by nature.
* Places of all holy places in hands :
There’s place of Shatrunjay in the index finger, Jayantak in the middle finger, Arbudh in the Ring finger, and sayamamtak in the little finger.
Kailash in the thumb and othe five holp places have place in the fingers chronologically. This is the reason that a person who sees his hands early in the morning, he sees all the Gods and holy places.
* Indications of women’s hands :
A woman who has a dot, ring or circle mark on her hand, her husband is a king. She becomes mother of many sons and is happy.
If there’s a mark of palace, umbrella in woman’s hands, then she becomes a queen inspite of being born in a servant family.
If there’s a mark of temple, ring, flag, circle, umbrella or lake in a woman’s hands, she becomes a queen-mother, in other words her son becomes a king.
If there’s a peacock, umbrella mark on a woman’s hands, she becomes a queen and bears sons.
If there’s a lotus, necklace, dot, umbrella, swastika, South-facing shell mark on a woman’s hand or leg, then such a woman is a king’s wife.
A woman’s whose fingers bonded together, are red and soft like lotus leaves, palms are soft, then such woman is always happy and progresses with each day.
Note :
(A) A person whose fingers, index to the end, of the feet rise up while walking, she becomes the reason of her husband’s misfortune. It is believed that she becomes widow many times.
(B) If there’s one finger missing in the feet, then such a woman fights a lot.
(C) If the thumb of the feet is small, round, crooked and flat and is always red, then such a woman symbolizes ill-luck.
(D) A woman’s whose fingers of the feet are red and soft like lotus, they always are happy.
Husband should be contemplated from the Life-line of the woman’s right hand. Mother-in-law should be contemplated from the money-line. The father-in-law should be contemplated from the inheritance-line on the right hand of the woman.
The Religion (duty) can be contemplated by the dharma line (Line of the sun mount) on the left hand of women.
If there’s a necklace of rope mark on the right hand of the woman, then she has ample of cattle assets.
The servants etc can be contemplated by the left wrist lines.


Ancients saints have described seven lines on the forehead. According to them, their names and their relations with the planets are as follows :
1. The line on the forehead under the hairline is ruled by Saturn.
2. The line which is under the first line is ruled by Jupiter.
3. The third line is ruled by Mars.
4. The fourth line is ruled by Sun.
5. The fifth line is ruled by Mercury.
6. The sixth line is ruled by Venus.
Through the Saturn line on the forehead, Decisiveness, Intellect, Sorrowfulness, Far-sightedness, Seriousness, Bitterness etc in a person can be known.
(1) If there’s a short line going upwards from the right side of the Saturn line on the forehead of a person, then such a person has to face troubles in the near future.
(2) If There’s a short line going upwards on the Saturn line from the left eye, Then the person wife is of fighting nature and bubbly.
(3) If above the left eye, if a short line goes to the hair line from the Saturn line, then such person wife is of Prostitute level.
(4) If there’s a mark of V above the right eye on the Saturn line, and on the left, three short line combine to form a U, then such a person has to face lots of troubles.
(5) If the Saturn line is near the hair-line, and is without breaks and is straight, then such person’s intellectual potential is good.
(6) If the Saturn line is not straight and with breaks, then the person is sorrowful, one who complains a lot and is cranky.
(7) If there’s a triangle below the Saturn line, then such a person converts his religion and marries outside his caste.
(8) If a slant line coming from Saturn line cuts the Jupiter Line and If a small line above the Sun Line again cuts the Jupiter Line, then such a person gets benefit in the field of Sadhana.
(9) If the Saturn line is with continuous breaks, Jupiter Line is small, Mars line flawed, Sun and Mood line good, then person can be called Ordinary, and his nature will be bubbly, facing occasional troubles.
(10) If the Saturn line is straight and without breaks, then such a person is Decisive, intellectual, Matured, far-sighted and serious.
(11) If the Saturn line is with lots of breaks, Jupiter line straight and long, Mars line is cut from the middle, Sun line in shape of a bow, Venus is cut from between, then such person is Honest, simple, polite, everyone’s favorite, leader etc.
(12) If there’s a half-moon mark on the Saturn line and Jupiter line, and the Sun line and Moon line meet each-other, then such a person is considered most fortunate.
(13) If the Saturn Line is cut in the middle and is slant, the Jupiter Line slant in the middle and cut from the right side, Mars Line and Sun Line is in shape of Snake from the right side.
(14) If the Saturn line is small, The Jupiter line is cut from the middle, Mars Line is long and cut in the middle and is slanting more to one side, Venus Line is with breaks and another line cuts it on the right side, Then such person is Proud, Hot-tempered, Ridiculed by friends, unagreeable, Lustful and full of Vices.
(15) If the Saturn line is deep and slant, Jupiter Line is long and dropping to both sides, Sun line is broken in the middle, then such a person is Beautiful, Happy, Generous, Learned person, Glorious, Spiritual and respected by family.
(16) If the Saturn and Jupiter Line is in shape of the moon from above, Saturn line is short, Both eye-brows meet, then such a person is wealthy, liar, lustful and viceful.
(17) If the Saturn line bow-shaped, Jupiter line is of shape of snake, Mars line is long, Sun Line is with branches, Venus Line is cut from the middle, then such a person is brave, miser, unpeaceful, and one with a failure life.
(18) If the Saturn line is long, Jupiter line in shape of a snake, Then such a person is scared of his wife and faces troubles from her.
(19) If the Saturn line is straight and gets cut by two lines from the middle, Mars and Jupiter Line are broken from the middle, then such a person’s wealth is in danger.
(20) If there’s a V mark on the Saturn line above the right eye, then such a faces Financial losses.
(21) If there are two lines going up from the Saturn line and going down from the Venus line, then such a person has to take debts.
(22) If there’s a snake-like slant life going up from the Saturn line, then such a person is financially weak.
Through the Jupiter Line found on the forehead, one can know about the eating habits, Honesty, Morality, Discipline, Cleanliness, Discrimination, Spirituality, Self-Contemplation, Knowledge, faith, Worship, Upasana etc.
(1) If there’s a curved line on one or both sides under the Jupiter line on the forehead of a person, then this indicates Troubles of health.
(2) If the Jupiter line drops in between, forms a V and then again gets straight, then such a person spends a lot of wealth in his Life.
(3) If a Jupiter line divided into two, then such a person faces financial troubles and is unpeaceful at heart.
(4) If the Jupiter line is without breaks and clear, then such a person is Honest, Controlled, Knowledgeable, and Meditator.
(5) If the Jupiter line is slant, with breaks, Then such a person doesn’t have undiscipline and baksha-baksh discrimination.
(6) If there’s a Triangle forming under the Jupiter Line and above the Sun Line, Then such a person attains Divine Powers.
(7) If above the Sun Line, a small Snake-like line cuts the Jupiter Line, then such a person attains Great Sidhhi. Such a person marriage life is a failure.
(8) If there’s circle formed on the Jupiter Line towards the Sun Line, Then such a person falls victim to worldly sorrows and full of illusions.
(9) If the Jupiter Line is small, Mars line is deep, Saturn Line is slant and broken on the lower part, Sun Line is broken from the middle and slant, then such a person is a fool, nuisance, cheat, indulgent, hard natured and fights a lot.
One can know about Courage, work-success, cowardness, Aggression, Social-work etc from the Mars line of a person found on the forehead.
(1) If the Mars Line on the forehead is broken in parts or damaged, then such a person is has lack of courage and might face secret enemies.
(2) If there are branches going towards the Sun line from the Mars Line or cuts the Sun Line, Then such a person faces financial troubles.
(3) If the Mars Line is in The middle of the forehead or is small, then such a person faces financial troubles.
(4) If there’s a straight or reverse line going towards the Sun Line towards the Mars Line, then such a person is soon attracted towards a good Job or Business and succeeds.
(5) If the Mars Line is long and without flaws and thick, then it makes a person Strong, Soldier, Courageous by nature.
(6) If the Mars Line is wavy, also if Saturn line is wavy and there’s a club mark between both of them, then such a person is mentally affected, and inclined to suicide due to depression.
(7) If the Mars Line is slant, flawed, broken, then such a person is unsuccessful in maximum areas and there are obstacles in his ways.
(8) If the Mars Line is straight and clear, then such a person is successful in all his works because there’s ample of courage in him.
(9) If the Mars and Saturn line are broken in the middle, Jupiter line is dropping between both of them, then such a person is rich, far-sighted and fortunate. If the Saturn and Jupiter Lines are broken and meet each-other, then this unlucky, in such case, a person ruins his own life.
(10) If the Mars Line is dropping towards the moon line and there’s a mole on it, Saturn line is long and deep, Jupiter Line is short, then such a person is hard and aggressive heart’s owner.
(11) If the Mars Line is short, Jupiter Line is slant, Saturn line is straight, then such a person is fortunate.
(12) If the Mars line is broken in the middle, Sun Line is long, then such a person is rich, charitable, kind, and intelligent. Such people give joy to many others.
One can know about Wealth, Money, Luxury, Respect, Temptation, Spending nature, Intelligence capacity etc from the Sun line on the forehead. Long and Flawless Sun line is considered Lucky. In Face-reading science, One can know about Money, Wealth, luxury, temptation, Spending Nature, Intelligence capacity etc in a person’s life by examining the Sun Line. This line is found above the eyebrow of the right eye. Sometimes due to its long length, it meets the moon line and sometimes due to short length is far from Moon Line.
(1) If the Sun line is clear and complete, then such a person is wealthy and intelligent. If the Sun line is flawed, broken, then the greed increases in a person, he becomes greedy and selfish. In case of absence of this line, a person doesn’t have wealth and luxury.
(2) If the Sun line is curved, then such a person is clear and straight speaker, and does his work after much thinking and also attains success in work.
(3) If the Sun line is flawed or with breaks, then such a person is a miser and it also affects the intellectual capacity of a person.
(4) If on a person’s forehead there are many half-moon shaped lines in the Saturn Area, also if the Jupiter and Mars Lines are wavy, then such a person will be unhappy, scared, tensed, and bubbly by heart. Such a person should be careful with water because of the moon-shaped lines in the Saturn area, they are prone to dangers due to water.
(5) If the Saturn line is broken in the lower part and is straight, There’s an bow-shaped mark on the left side of Jupiter Line, Mars Line is with branches, Sun Line is wavy, Venus line is deep on the upper part and broken in middle, then such a person is Talented, Learned, Charitable, Religious, Preacher, Glorious and loves to travel.
(6) If the Saturn Line is deep, Jupiter line is short, Mars line is deep and thin, Sun line is dropping and gets cut by two lines, Then such a person is lustful, tempered, loves violence and fights, and gets hurt by weapon.
One can know about imagination, power of thoughts, travel, Love, Intellectual restlessness, etc from the Moon line found on the Forehead of a person.
(1) If the moon line is good and complete, then the person is imaginative, Creative, loves travelling and intellectually flexible.
(2) A Flawed and broken Moon Line affects a person intelligence and makes him mentally-retarded. A broken Moon Line makes a person liar and there are obstacles in travels.
(3) If the Moon Line is missing on the forehead and there happens to be just one Line on the forehead and it is wavy, then such a person loves travelling a lot. Such a person doesn’t have a good nature and also might try to resort to undesirable ways.
(4) A Clear and curved moon line Develops good thoughts and there are lots of travels. Such a person’s thinking power is good and has a love-filled nature.
(5) If the Moon Line is missing on the forehead, and there happen to be many other short lines, then such a person has both good and bad thoughts but they don’t live long.
One can know about Spouse, Wellness, Happiness, True Love, Married life, Attraction towards opposite sex, etc from the Venus Line found on the forehead of a person.
(1) If the Venus Line is without breaks and clear, then such a person attains happiness from spouse. Such person are masters of Good Love. And their married life is also good.
(2) If the Venus Line is Flawed or with breaks, thens such person’s married life isn’t good and he displays fake Love.
(3) If there are four Lines on the forehead and Saturn and Venus Lines get cut by another small line, Then such a person is intelligent, with true character and simple.
(4) If there are many small lines going towards the Moon Line from the Venus Line, then such person’s financial condition is weak and he might have to take debt.
One can know about Knowledge, Sound, wit, Logic capacity, Intelligence, Decisiveness, knowledge of right and wrong, Mathematics etc from the Mercury Line found on the forehead of aperson.
(1) If the mercury line is flawless and clear, then such a person is friend to many others. If this line is broken, then he has to face sorrows. A good mercury line develops Knowledge of right and wrong, Logic reasoning and wit in a person.
(2) Flawed or Broken Mercury line develops feeling of argument and failure in Mathematics.
(3) If the Mercury Line is clear, Thick and Moon-shaped from downwards, then such person has perfection is speech, Knowledge and gets glory.
(4) If there are many lines in the Mercury Line area, Then such a person loses respect due to talking too much and stays unhappy.
(5) If there’s a wavy Line on the forehead, and there are more than two standing lines in the Mercury Line area, then such a person is a good speaker and one who stays among women a lot.


This is one of the most common query that an astrologer is asked. A girl or a boy is anxious to know whether he or she will be able to marry the person she or he loves. Astrology has a significant role in predicting the type of marriage. There are number of combinations in the horoscope, that reveal whether the person will have a love marriage or an arrange marriage.
We will discuss some of the important combinations that indicate Love marriage.
* Role of Venus in love marriage :
As per Vedic astrology, Venus if afflicted or debilitated indicates physical attraction more than emotional affection. In such situation love marriage is indicated. Apart from this, if Venus is placed in the 5th, 7th or 11th house depicts attachment and amorousness nature. Also when Venus has some relationship with the house of marriage then love marriage is indicated. Placement of Venus in the 5th house from Moon also corroborate a love marriage.
Venus is the planet of love, hence when aspects ascendant, 5th house, 7th house or 11th house depicts the eroticism nature of an individual. But, conversion of love into a marriage is a different thing.
As per Vedic Astrology, when Venus is unafflicted and well-placed, senses would be under-control and the love would be pure. When such Venus is the lord of 5th house and is placed in the 7th house, your love can definitely have a happy ending with a love marriage.
* Role of Fifth, Seventh and Ninth house in love marriage :
When the fifth house is occupied by the lord of seventh house it indicates a marriage after falling in love. Also when lord of 7th house occupies a malefic house, it creates a lot of troubles. 7th house is associated with marriage and happiness related to marriage. The lord of 7th house should not occupy malefic house such as 6th, 8th or 12th houses. Hence, if the seventh lord is placed in the eighth house, it denotes physical separation of the partners. When seventh lord is placed in the twelfth house, the partners would be rejected.
D-9 chart (Navamsa) also plays a significant role in judging the love marriage. When the Yogas for love marriage are not present in the natal chart. In such a situation, we should also check the D-9 chart. If in the D-9 chart, seventh lord and the Ninth lord or Fifth lord and Seventh lord are in conjunction, the chances of a love marriage are 100%.
* Role of Ascendant in Love Marriage :
If the planet of love, Venus is placed in the ascendant along with the ascendant lord then the chance of love marriage are quite evident. The native will get into love at an early age and will be ultimately successful in converting his love into a marriage.
A Moon sign can also depict the success of doing a love marriage or not. When the Moon is placed in the Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces zodiac love marriage can be predicted. Also, if a person is in love with a native of Aries and Virgo sign, he or she will not be able to convert his love into marriage.
* Factors obstructing Love marriage :
If Venus is debilitated or severely afflicted in ascendant, it is likely to cause tension, dissatisfaction in marital happiness, diseases and temporary separation. If such Venus is exalted in a Navamsha Kundali; then there are great chances that such malefic influences will not take place. If 7th lord is weak when Venus is debilitated; there are great chances that the native will not enjoy a happy marital life. Many problems like separation, divorce, delay or denial in marriage, severe health problems and problems related to progeny may arise.
* Moon is the emotional Karaka of mind and is exalted in Taurus which is the sign of Venus. Hence, emotions are stable when Moon is well-placed. When the moon is afflicted, all kind of negative behavior will be seen in the native. Therefore, Moon should not be afflicted for a pure love and for conversion of that love into marriage.
* Mars is the Karaka of courage and ability to express your love while Venus is the planet that initiates the attraction towards the opposite sex. It has been observed that both these planets in conjunction indicate a failure to having a love marriage. In this case, the people are often betrayed by their partners.


Everyone is fascinated with the idea of Love marriage, and every lover or couple consults an astrologer to lead his boat of love safely to the shore. The name love marriage astrology for this article simply connects the topic of astrology and love marriages. The success of love culminating into marriages depends on a lot of factors both external and internal right from the horoscope to the courage of those two people to fight against the norms and traditions and stand by each other during the difficult times.
Marriage is a bonding of two souls to be honest, but in reality it is not so because often it is the society which is responsible for the failure of love between two people, for society it is not the marriage of boy and the girl but it is a marriage between families, caste, creed, religion, money, status in society etc which leaves no scope for the opinion of the girl or the boy often. Parents do not understand love between two people and keep lecturing on the money, social status, society etc, all parents condemn the boy chosen by the girl saying that she has made a wrong choice, she is immatured and a kid and unable to understand things, often they are not even ready to meet and see the boy or the girl to check whether he is capable or not, the mentality is set in the mind itself that the boy chosen by the girl is always bad and that chosen by parents however bad he may be he is always the best. This is a wrong approach, parents should understand that it is the life of the boy and the girl which they are going to spend together, the society which they talk off does not come to help or feed your children if any problem arises, no person turns up to help if something goes wrong, if parents won’t support their children who else will ? If parents stand beside their children with a strong backing nobody else can point a finger, but sadly it is not the case within our society. Very few parents back their children.
Coming to the point of love marriage astrology, we will first discuss a few combinations in the horoscope which indicate trauma in love life or failure in love affairs before discussing combinations for success in love marriage, these combinations will give readers an Idea about the probability of failure of success in their love life and their ability to fight the failure and move on in life, the intention is to make readers aware of the intensity of trauma they can suffer so they can decide whether they should get involved deeply or not which though is not in our hands inspite of knowing this.
The Moon is the pivot of everything in astrology, a strong well aspected moon in shubha kartari and adhi yogas is more of a boon to fight any failure in life and climb the ladder of success.
Badly placed and Afflicted Venus and Mercury will also have a say in these matters of heart and romance. Mercury is the karaka for brain, intelligence which if afflicted can create phobias, complexes, wrong decisions taken in life take you towards doom, Affliction to mercury can make you suffer after a failed love affair making you inactive, lost in thinking about your failure, thoughts of revenge, going towards wrong ways, criminal propensities can be activated by such a mercury and life goes towards a wrong direction.
Venus the karaka of Love if afflicted leads to pain, emotional hurt which has effect on your psyche and shapes your behavior accordingly, some people become too much emotionless, behave rudely, stop expressing themselves, become gloomy and sad and do not behave well with their spouse and partner after marriage if married to somebody else, this spoils the life of everyone which parents do not understand as they just see the material side as important factor to survive in society.
Combinations for being careful in love or failure in love :
* Affliction to 5th house and the 5th lord is the first indicator of problems in area of love. If two of the planets from moon, mercury and venus are afflicted along with the 5th lord one can safely predict about problems in love life and such people should strictly avoid falling in love. A retrograde 5th lord, a weak moon in 5th, Rahu/Ketu axis falling on the 5th house and lord, having aspect of Mars on a malefic in the 5th shows terrible problems in love, 3rd and 5th being the house of intelligence, mentality, thinking can have a very bad effect on shaping these things in the future. Such people can spoil their own lives in the trauma and depression of failure.
* Moon in kemdruma yoga (no planets on either side of moon) gives a wavering mind which sways according to advices of others and such people do not have independence of self and thinking of self leading to problems in taking decisions in life. Such people should be strong if they fall in love or else they should avoid falling in love.
* Moon in Paap kartari, paap adhi yoga (malefics in 6, 7, 8 from moon) 6, 8, 12 houses without paksha bala and aspected by malefics shows inherent weakness of mind. One having such moon should be careful while dealing with love affairs as failure may lead to depression and lunacy if other factors are not well supported.
* People having Mercury, Venus, Moon badly afflicted should avoid falling in love at any cost because failure in love for such people could mean very serious circumstances and a wrong direction to life. It has a direct bearing on your psyche which will shape your personality adversely later. Afflicted Venus along with the 7th house and lord, 8th house and lord and 5th house will create sexual perversion and tendencies.
* If 5th and 7th lord are retrograde and moon, venus and mercury are afflicted there will be too many problems in love and success is very hard to come often, The affliction to the 5th house is a sure shot indicator or problems in love.
Combinations for Success and protection in love :
* Sun aspected by jupiter is the first combinations for success as you receive a “No-Objection” certificate from parents at home and society and if other factors are well placed in the horoscope you get married to a partner of your choice if the 5th and 7th lord, venus, moon are well placed.
* Connection of 5th and 7th lords through houses and nakshatras can lead to success in love and hence marriage.
* 3rd house plays a pivotal role in love marriages as courage is the basic necessity for success in love to fight and win. They say “everything is fair in love and war”. Connection of 7th lord to 3rd and 5th lord to 3rd can give you a good ability to fight for your love and win it.
* 9th house indicating luck and 11th house indicating fulfillment of desires if connected to the 5th and 7th house do show good luck and fulfillment of desires in matters of love.
Note :
All the above good combinations fail if you do not have the courage to fight for your love or stand for it. Do not fall in love if you are just concerned with money, material prosperity in life as falling in love will require you to make many sacrifices initially to get the sweet fruits, if you aren’t ready to face the struggle initially or don’t have the guts to struggle in life, do not fall in love. Successful love makes you a better and changed human-being who remains happy all through out his life inspite of other problems just because he has his other one with him and they both strive to keep each other happy.
Moon, Mercury if badly afflicted can even lead to lunacy, suicidal tendencies or downfall in life if they do not have any protection of benefics, Venus affliction leads to problems in married life later and sexual perversion is also one of the key results of an afflicted venus.
How the planets shape up a psyche of a person can only be seen by an well-read astrologer, do common people have the benefit to see it ?
Can parents see this side when they just see the material side in fixing marriages ?
Can they know about the personal lives their children lead behind the closed doors in privacy after marriage ?
How to check whether one is happy or sad inspite of marrying in wealthy families, having all material comforts at their command ?
Money can never satisfy anybody, the more you earn the more you spend and the more you want. Longlasting Happiness is a state of mind which can be achieved with your loved one’s, when you spend life with the people you love. You can earn money again and again but you cannot marry again and again so it is best to decide what you want and whom you want to spend your life with, if its only about money or settlement, if two people love each other truly they can make a life for themselves winning over all the adversities.
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage is a very true statement.
Conclusion :
If you have an afflicted, retrograde 5th house and lord and any two out of Moon, venus and mercury badly afflicted, be prepared to face the music in love. A badly placed afflicted moon will trouble you too much and take a long time to get out of the depression. Mercury will give mental perversion while venus sexual perversion.

Paula Wells shared this and I felt the need to do the same

Paula Wells shared this and I felt the need to do the same.
From Richard Rohr’s mediation today ….
“If you asked me what it is I know, I would be hard pressed to tell you. All I know is that there is a deep “okayness” to life—despite all the contradictions—which has become even more evident in the silence. Even when much is terrible, seemingly contradictory, unjust, and inconsistent, somehow sadness and joy are able to coexist at the same time. The negative value of things no longer cancels out the positive, nor does the positive deny the negative.
Whatever your personal calling or your delivery system for the world, it must proceed from a foundational “yes” to life. Your necessary “no” to injustice and all forms of un-love will actually become even clearer and more urgent in the silence, but now your work has a chance of being God’s pure healing instead of impure anger and agenda. You can feel the difference in people who are working for causes; so many works of social justice have been undone by people who do all the fighting from their small or angry selves.”


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Etiquette, people. It doesn’t cost you anything. Being rude, however, almost always does.