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I can almost see the light

I can almost see the light. We are at 85% of our campaign goal! Please help us get there by preordering our album today. Tigers and Monkeys Saturday Destroyer – the new upcoming album by us Jason Lam Shonali Bhowmik Antonia Marie Anthony Cangelosi #JoachimKearns #JeffSheinkopf #RussDungan Jody Bilinski you know we’re good – most of our members aren’t on social media. .

I just CAN’T give any FB points of opinions too much of my time I just WONT

I just CAN’T give any FB points of opinions too much of my time I just WONT!. We got real life shyt to focus on & I’m sorry that’s where my energy lies. Y’all can continue to act like these exchanges, debates, social discussions, or over glorified outlooks actually mean anything to the deaf ears your conveying it to. We all seem to take it to a overly saturated negative emotion so the POINT is not only irrelevant its LOST. We won’t RELATE so why even try. Just why? I digress, bc truthfully I know ya won’t even get this & will somehow make it negative & personal #i ❤ debate growing up, but not so much now. Happy Wed

If someone has depression

If someone has depression, they try to talk to you about it (and they usually don’t want to because they feel like they are bothering you), and you decide not to LISTEN and ACT on it, you are part of the problem.
Too many of my friends have had depression and then left the world feeling like they had nothing to offer. It breaks my heart so badly. Open your ears, minds, and hearts, and maybe this world wouldn’t be so hard to tolerate.

Client Transformation

Client Transformation
I am super happy with the transformation that client Taylor Skees has already made since the start of us working with one another.
Even though the scale has not moved too much, you can clearly tell that he has lost fat and built muscle.
Taylor is also a great example of how you can balance both a social life with goals related to health and fitness.
It’s doesn’t have to be black and white and you don’t have to give up everything in order to have the body that you want. You just have to be consistent with your diet and your exercise program MOST of the time and you have to practice moderation when you are not.
You’re not a failure if you drink.
You’re not a failure if you over eat.
You’re not a failure if you miss a workout.
If that was the case, we would all be failures.
Stay consistent, don’t get caught up in the all or nothing mentality and have some fun!
Great work man!

That’s some sneaky sh

That’s some sneaky sh!t NY! Apparently you have to turn the ballot over. Oh and not checking yes or no counts as a yes. Nice job Cuomo you slime!
To my NEW YORK friends:
You will automatically vote YES if you don’t check NO!!! Please read!!! (So sneaky, NY!)
Please take the time to read and understand this. This is very personal to our whole family and countless friends……..ANYONE who currently receives and will eventually receive a New York State Pension.
TEACHERS, POLICE OFFICERS, HOSPITAL WORKERS, DPW WORKERS, CUSTODIANS, NURSES, LAB TECHS, LIBRARIANS, SOCIAL WORKERS, FIREFIGHTERS…….anyone who current collects or plans on collecting a New York State pension….. school bus drivers, too!
If you know and love anyone who currently or will collect a NYS pension…….
Retired Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters…..
Gov. Cuomo wants to hold a constitutional convention & change not only your pensions but your health care & bargaining rights.
If the constitutional convention gets ballot approval in a November all bets are OFF!
You will lose & those you care about will lose.
The ballot itself has been rigged: when you go to vote, you won’t even see the proposal, as it is on the BACK of the ballot.
Unless you remember to
YOU HAVE NO CHANCE to weigh in.
If you don’t actively vote NO your vote is automatically read as YES, and that’s the problem.
There will be TWO items on the back of the ballot.
1. This is questioning whether there should be a constitutional convention (NO) !!!!!!
2. Asking should politicians lose their state pensions if convicted of a felony or not.
PLEASE be careful & read the wording of both of these proposals very carefully before casting your vote.
A constitutional convention is NOT necessary to make amendments to the NYS constitution.
It costs very little to pass an amendment but MILLIONS to open up the constitution & hold a convention. Taxpayers will be footing the bills which are estimated to be over $100 Million if it were to take place.
Vote “”NO”” to the proposed Constitutional Convention. There is no do-over, recount, re-vote, nothing!!!!!!!!!!
Please COPY & SHARE! ….. a share to be aware!!!!

since this seems to be the expectation and tradition

since this seems to be the expectation and tradition…. this is my official notice of intent to start a north to south migration of the nolan’s 14 line ( i’ve been humiliated and humbled scouting this route all summer and look forward to maximizing my time in the high country before winter returns.
shooting for a start (depending on weather window): friday august 25th at 4 am leaving from the leadville fish hatchery heading south.
if something should change regarding start date / time i’ll edit this post as necessary. i also have the ability via the tracker to post to social media on every summit. if i can get that working correctly you’ll probably see it on here as well. you can also see painfully slow almost real time tracking via the links below.
main tracker:
backup tracker:

UF Denies Request For Speaking Event

UF Denies Request For Speaking Event – Message from President Fuchs!
All staff, faculty and students just received this email…
Aug. 16, 2017
Dear Campus Community:
Amid serious concerns for safety, we have decided to deny the National Policy Institute’s request to rent event space at the University of Florida.
This decision was made after assessing potential risks with campus, community, state and federal law enforcement officials following violent clashes in Charlottesville, Va., and continued calls online and in social media for similar violence in Gainesville such as those decreeing: “The Next Battlefield is in Florida.”
I find the racist rhetoric of Richard Spencer and white nationalism repugnant and counter to everything the university and this nation stands for.
That said, the University of Florida remains unwaveringly dedicated to free speech and the spirit of public discourse. However, the First Amendment does not require a public institution to risk imminent violence to students and others.
The likelihood of violence and potential injury – not the words or ideas – has caused us to take this action.
Warm Regards,
W. Kent Fuchs
University of Florida

I want to give recognition to my friend and client @gibbygalsays for her body transformation

I want to give recognition to my friend and client @gibbygalsays for her body transformation! She has already lost 13lbs of fat and also recovered from many injuries that was holding her back! Her knees would hurt when squatting and doing lunges, and neck pain that would results into migraines! Since she lost 13lbs of fat and been leaning towards a plant based diet! All of those symptoms has disappeared! We do have a lot more to go but I’m happy to see someone who is pain free and enjoying her diet and exercise program! Want to let everyone know that real transformation does take a while and it’s not what you think or see on tv or most social media platforms! When you’re natural and doing everything the right way versus doing a quick diet which starves the body and ruins your metabolism! The results will take a couple of months and maybe a year for others. But when you reach your goals and hit your results the old body that you had will never come back! Because you’ll remember all of the hard work and sweat that you put in! But the best part is that you will learn how to eat right and exercise correctly! Keep it up @gibbygalsays and congratulate and give positive vibes to Christie!!

I will always love this

I will always love this, “Any man thinking of divorce is the option just try this. Spend a week away from home. Come home every night to an empty place. Listen and hear no sounds other than silence. There’s no laughter from your children. Nobody singing a song to the radio. No sounds of paper and a pencil doing homework or the dishwasher running. There is no kisses good night or a child waiting to be tucked in. Nobody to discuss your day with as you brush your teeth. This is just one day. As the days go by try to imagine what the future holds. All the ideas of freedom, the possibility of dating, the knowledge that there is someone better out there and that being single is so much fun…that is all a big lie. Satan is a liar and divorce as an option is a lie. Go home. Be the father, the husband God designed you to be. Protect your love, your marriage, your children, and your wife with all that you have. God gave you that gift…open it day after day.”