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The water element is responsible for our fluidity which directly influences how we move in and out of our emotions with grace

The water element is responsible for our fluidity which directly influences how we move in and out of our emotions with grace. The water element is the most present 75% of what we are made of. The sea resides in us – it can be calm – it can be rough, it is always there to be settled. Cool, heavy and deeply nourishing to the minds irritations or the bodies inflammations – go to the great ocean, bring all your worries and doubts and let it wash your own.
Sohini Live Well 2017

Good Morning FB

Good Morning FB!!! Darlene is BACK!!!
Are we content with ourselves? We are never satisfied. There is no end.
When we accept and love ourselves and live with a grateful attitude there is nothing that can stop us.
Ancient wisdom from many different cultures all converge on this life truth that is so difficult for us to accept.
Our happiness comes from within. It is not derived by any THING or PERSON.
Before we can truly love, we need to love ourselves. Love that person that you are today.
Seize the day!

These two people are SO motivating

These two people are SO motivating! I am so proud to announce my team leaders just became millionaires with our company two people couldn’t deserve it more!
They have impacted so many lives just in the short time I’ve known them…
This may not be for everyone but that’s because it’s different and it’s uncomfortable at first. These guys didn’t start off at this level, they busted their behinds off to achieve this. If they can do it, so can you! #networkmarketing #healthandwellness #millionaires #motivationmonday

O seeker of reality

O seeker of reality
Listen to what I say
The Way is from you
And the arrival is to you
So vanish, and you will see yourself
After you disappear

You end at yourself
so there is nothing but you
And you subsist by you
أنا مَنْ هَوَيْتْ * وَخمَْرِي مِنِّي أَشْرَبْ * وَعَنِّي رَوَيْتْ
يا طالبَ الحَقيقا * إِسْمَعْ ما أَقُول
منكَ هي الطريقا * ولك الوصول * فَزُلْ تَراكَ حَقا َ َ * بعدما تَزُول ْ
إِلَيْكَ انْتَهَيْتْ * ولَيْسَ ثَمَّ غيْرَك * وَبِكَ بَقَيْتْ

Today going to a wedding pre party tonite

Today going to a wedding pre party tonite…to a Latino that’s a pre drunk party b4 the wedding. My Pizza Hut dude is tying the knot. It’s a "BIG ONE"! I think I’ll b the only latino there…the 1st white person to ask me to park their car…im running them over. Congrats to my boi and for sticking with me for years as my sponsor. #preparty #weddingbells #paloverde #bigazzwedding #Pizzahut

Feeling tired

Feeling tired, stressed, or nervous?
Try a little Dolphin Pose
It helps balance the mind and body which helps decrease insomnia signs and symptoms, and in turn helps reduce fatigue
It also increases blood flow to the brain and is linked to improvement in mild depression symptoms, improved memory, improved concentration, increased awareness, stimulation of the nervous system, and relief from stress and anxiety
Dolphin pose is associated with trust, inspiration, devotion, happiness, positivity, and deep connection with self ☺️✨
#yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #dolphinpose

The end of ISIL could have happened much earlier

The end of ISIL could have happened much earlier, if Obama had not helped the terrorists to grow and got rich. ISIL stole Iraqi and Syrian Oil to sell in the black market to fund their ill-planned invasions. The USAF saw the daily long lines of oil truck (12,000 trucks even) but chose to ignore them and allowed the theft and sale of oil. EVERY DAY! ISIL suddenly became very rich US$500 million at the early stage. Who were their customers? Your guess should be as good as mine.
Johnny L
#ISIL #oil #obama #pentagon #USA #iraq #syria #turkey #gulf #middleeast #europe #dubai #UAE #saudiarabia

Being in my 50s has its drawbacks when your eyesight changes

Being in my 50s has its drawbacks when your eyesight changes. I hate having to wear glasses to see 5 feet in front of me but can’t because they’re not crisp enough for further distance.
5 visits to the eye dr since the beginning of August and we may have finally gotten the multifocal script right. Not only is my Dr a very sweet lady but she also has such patience. Every time I try a different script she wants me to call her and stop in within a couple of days. She always says “I won’t give up til I get it right”. Now that’s persistence. I’m finally seeing my life around me crisp and clear again. T-12 days to Vaca and Can’t wait to wear sunglasses again! Visionworks #BlessedtoSeeAgain

Another commenters response

Another commenters response…
“What Jesus is not saying is that Christians are to allow themselves and others to be persecuted. Regarding Jesus’ command to non-resistance, Michael Hardin points out, “The Greek verb used (antistenai) does not mean be a doormat, it means that when you are abused (persecuted), you ‘speak truth to power’ by engaging in actions which, while nonviolent, are also resistant. Turning the other cheek does not mean letting someone strike you over and over. It is a way of calling attention to the abuse in a nonviolent fashion such that the abuser will recognize the futility of their actions.” (Hardin, Jesus Driven Life, 126) See, also, Walter Wink’s Engaging the Powers, pp 175–77.” – Matthew Distefano
Love it when my brain is challenged to think and dig deep!!

PSA: Now that I have some down time

PSA: Now that I have some down time… Just wanted to take note of something I’ve been noticing a theme of lately (you know when I see more than…ohhhhh 20 people displaying the same quirk, it’s time)… mind your own business. The best lesson Chimene Loncher ever taught me was: if I’m worried about what so’n’so is doing, or what they think of me, I’m not focusing on myself. It’s none of your concern what anyone else is doing or if they think you’re an asshole or not (maybe you are?). The energy you’re putting into them or the energy you’re using to make them like you….wasted and takes away from your main goal. Yourself, your family, your job/business. Get back on your own side of the fence and cut your own grass. It’ll look better and you’ll enjoy what’s right in front of you. Have a beautiful day!!!