… And for this one moment, just breathe into the truth of how incredibly important you are. Breathe into how much Sophia loves you. Exhaling with the elements of water and fire to wash your efforting away … And breathe that in: You. Are. So. Important. Your Love Is So Important. And for one moment, just one moment, I invite your awareness to allow your love to be Everything. Just for this moment, beyond any accomplishment, allow for all the Love within you to be Everything that is needed and necessary and true.
Your love is enough. Your love is guiding you. Your love is both healing the world and healing you. Your love is YOU.
The love of your soul reaches out and changes this quantum reality far more than any of us will ever be able to understand. The good news is that we have the gift of this lifetime to celebrate that mystery with one another, side-by-side as we walk into the Light of our shared love breathing a new reality here on Earth, one fully present moment at a time …
From Sophia’s Light,
Kaia Ra

The Sophia Code 2017 Curriculum

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