8.51 a.m. Author X sends me a friend request. I accept.
8.58 a.m. Author X sends me a message: “Love your work!”
10.27 a.m. I reply: “Thank you!”
10.38 a.m. Author X sends an entire short story via message and ends with: “Your thoughts are appreciated.”
10.39 a.m. Author X writes: “It’s okay if you don’t like it. I can take the criticism, lol.”
4.02 p.m. Upon receiving no acknowledgment of his story, Author X writes: “So did you read it?”
4.30 p.m. Author X: “C’mon, man. Tell me your thoughts, lol.”
4.40 p.m. Author X adds me on all other social media and sends messages to each one: “Hey, not sure if you got my messages, but I sent you a story on FB. Would appreciate your thoughts.”
4.50 p.m.: Author X sends another story. “Maybe this one will be better, lol.”
5.00 p.m. Blocked Author X on all social media.
This, or something similar, has happened to me fourteen times so far this year, and while ordinarily I would respond with my customary apology for not having the time to read material I didn’t ask for, which also happens to be true, something about the nagging tone and the “lol” really bugged me about this one.
Etiquette, people. It doesn’t cost you anything. Being rude, however, almost always does.

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  1. One of many reasons why I would never solicit people in this way- it will end up on their feed in highly derogatory fashion… tread carefully, I always say

  2. I tell the uninformed that my agent has said I can’t read anyone’s work. I don’t have an agent, but they don’t know that.

    1. No, really, let me know. If it’s who I think it is you need to start changing passwords and calling authorities. This smarmy little fuck named John Allen, also known as Hozefa Hafawila and about a zillion facebook aliases. Do I win the prize? 🙂

  3. Ok so is there a way for writers groups to work well and if so what are some tips to start one and keep going or do u suggest never doing? Sometimes you need second opinions on writing prior to publication. Also are any sources for getting published? I’ve heard of some good podcasts but any leads on info – real solid no bs info is appreciated. I’m serious and willing to work. Thanks for any advice. Also I don’t expect any comment and will not hunt anyone down. Thanks for reading.

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