A notice from a single parent to the Travel Industry

A notice from a single parent to the Travel Industry.
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** Did you know 1/3 of the world’s families are single parents????? **
That is a huge travel market that the world ignores.
Single parents are often exhausted and need quality, refreshing, and fun times with their kids.
Recently we sat in a 5-star resort.
Every table around us in our corner was a single parent. It shocked me.
Yet how many travel companies promote the two parent, boy, and girl perfect families?
Travel world. You need to look at your marketing for this generation.
from http://exploramum.com

7 thoughts on “A notice from a single parent to the Travel Industry

  1. Would be nice also if these places helped large families out too. With five at home things get too pricey for us to do anything. My kids miss out. I wish others would consider this.

    1. That too. Stacey-jean Inion has a large family and she blogs about their world travels and the challenges a large family has.

  2. I’m starting a website for vacation opportunities for mothers traveling alone with their children…give me a minute…it’s coming!

  3. This info doesn’t only apply to the travel industry, though I completely agree. I was thinking about how pretty much everything is designed with the idea that the adult will have a partner, and that cannot always be true. Case in point, how the hell is a single mom supposed to afford even a single room apartment and buy food, gas, car insurance, etc.? It’s frustrating and stressful to say the least.

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