Another commenters response

Another commenters response…
“What Jesus is not saying is that Christians are to allow themselves and others to be persecuted. Regarding Jesus’ command to non-resistance, Michael Hardin points out, “The Greek verb used (antistenai) does not mean be a doormat, it means that when you are abused (persecuted), you ‘speak truth to power’ by engaging in actions which, while nonviolent, are also resistant. Turning the other cheek does not mean letting someone strike you over and over. It is a way of calling attention to the abuse in a nonviolent fashion such that the abuser will recognize the futility of their actions.” (Hardin, Jesus Driven Life, 126) See, also, Walter Wink’s Engaging the Powers, pp 175–77.” – Matthew Distefano
Love it when my brain is challenged to think and dig deep!!

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