Apologies for adding more confusion

Apologies for adding more confusion, it was one of those ‘hangover without doing anything last night’ mornings…camera didn;t work the first time and had to do it over again..still assessing the damage….and wishful thinking/delirium made me believe it was day 18……NOT SO….its DAY 17. :-$
THIS IS MY DAY 17 OF 22 push ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, many driven to taking their own lives as a result. These are people who’ve been witness to situations and scenes of unimaginable horror in the line of their duties carried out ultimately in our interest and appear to be receiving little or no support from the government that issued their orders. We elected that government whether you like it or not, that’s democracy…and if you still don’t like it take a closer look at the alternatives. They’ve been through this so that people like you and I can have freedom of choice, speech, political, religious, even artistic and musical views and aspire to live the lives we choose, clean or messy, without fear of persecution, incarceration, torture or violent death at the hands of extremists, fundamentalists and other assorted nutjobs.The world and social media seems full of people trying to seperate us from our money for whatever worthy cause, but even if you take a minute to text just 2 quid to this, it all helps. Please have a read.
Text “PTSD22 £2 or £5 or £10” to 70070. For a small contribution that can go a long way.

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