Within 4 months
You may disown a member of your family.
Within 1 month
You may have a tendency to deceive other people, during this time.
This will only increase the distrust people will have for you.
You may experience fretfulness due to some matter/ situation.
Within 8 months
You’ll have a difficult time with family members.
Or, in trying to make travel arrangements/ schedule outings together – try to avoid friction.
Within 3 months
You may live near gardens.
During this period, you need to avoid being engaged in destructive emotions, self-pity, guilt, inadequacy and fear.
You may fail to recognize danger and your inability to detect people who may wish to harm you.
Discussing your inner fear/ worry may be unproductive, because you mighten’t have a clear sense of exactly what the issue is, or people who try to help you may not be able to understand the issue.
BIRTHDAYS: – 3 – 12 Sept.
During this period, you have a yearning to know your inner self.
You’re optimistic, generous with an intellectual mind.
You have a strong physical vitality.
As a non-combative person, you would prefer to help people rather than fight.
Benefits are attracted to you.
You may travel, during this time.
Within 10 months
You’ll have a feeling of security, prosperity, attainment and recognition.
Within 4 months
You may behave violently in your private life.
During this period, people may not be inclined to recognize your efforts/ projects.
It may be the pride/ jealousy of people which may get in the way of your progress, but whatever the reason, you’re likely to waste time if you try to arouse their interest/ admiration.
You may encounter people/ situations which may all sow and no substance.
There is no productive way to expand your mental horizons/ increase your personal status in this situation.
An unfavourable time for adventure/ court decisions/ long distance travel/ political activities/ publishing/ religious activities/ situations related to your father/ his issues.
Remain in your own environment of influence, or attend to routine business.
During this period, you may be required to handle matters of inheritance.
Or, you may have to make financial arrangements for a funeral.
An unfavourable time for joint income/ the collection of debts you’re owed.
People may try to impose their values on you.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 23 Sept.
Within 4 months
You may purchase a collection of fine art for your home.
Within 3 months
You may develop new ideas in your gardening techniques.
Within 5 months
You may fill the position as a waiter/ waitress as your vocation.
You may have a child who is very persuasive.
You may venture out to dancing socially.
Close relationships, including romantic, business partnerships and close friendships, benefit you during this time.
You may make some lucky contacts now with the potential to pay off within the next several years.
Knowledge and favours are easily traded, and people are willing to share their expertise with you.
Marriage is possible, but congenial relationships are more likely.
During this period, the flow of information and communications that come your way contain useful messages, which allows you to express your indiviuality and exert personal influence.
Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the ideas of people, but be sure that you give them credit where it’s due.
The creative input, strength of character, or leadership you exhibit in meeting, group discussions, or with regard to community affairs and business transactions may make a big difference in how well situations turn out for you.

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