BIRTHDAYS: – 23 Jul. – 2 Aug.
Your focus now is on personal and financial security, but don’t mistake an accumulation of possessions as a substitute for a positive self image.
Instead, invest time and effort in yourself to create the inner and outer you that you desire.
Common sense, planning, organization and practicality are strong assets, during this time.
Within 6 months
You may be in a habit of becoming rebellious.
You have a habit or stealing.
You may work with arsenals.
Within 8 months
You’re likely to reflect what you’ve worked for, and recognition/ increased status you deserve.
Within 10 months
You may seek and need comfort from the demands of the outside world – a good time to retire at home and relax.
Or, you like to have your surroundings exactly the way you want.
If a person in your home has different ideas, you may have issues in coming to an agreement.
Living with your parents may be particularly difficult, during this period.
Your home life may change – change of residence, your home experiences repairs/ remodelling, changes within your family – divorce/ death/ separations/ changes of family relationships.
Or, your home life may become a confusion/ difficulty, because a person in your home is working against your best interests – making you feel less secure.
Within 7 months
Your business may become involved in postal co.
BIRTHDAYS: – 3 – 12 Aug.
During this period, you’ve balanced successfully your emotional thought patterns and unpredictable behaviour.
You have a heightened intuitive awareness and an alert mind, during this time.
Your life may be unusual with many kinds of experience, which bring changes that are sudden and unexpected.
You may have original ideas, concepts and goals which may be beneficial to others.
Within 2 months
You may experience your business enterprise being affected by strikes.
During this period, you may experience superior thoughts/ intuitive insight.
You may be a genius who may make important discoveries in your chosen field.
You may seek out unusual friendships and activities.
You may experience restlessness and a desire for constant change and excitement.
You may want to become involved with the new, the untried, the inventive.
Within 7 months
You may become involved with the public through foreign people.
Your business may become successful.
Your paternal grandparents may be liable to fairness in their dealings.
Details, planning and analysis are your new found strengths, along with a growing interest in health and service.
You can profit from these traits both personally and professionally as long as you remember that perfection really is an unachievable and unnecessary goal.
Fill your mind with positive thoughts every day.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 23 Aug.
Within 2 months
You may become a politician through your efforts.
During this period, you may have successfully brought your desires – emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual under full control of your willpower.
You have physical vitality, as well as an active mind.
You prefer to be a spectator rather than a competitor.
You’re self-assertive with courage, which will make you an excellent leader, although you don’t usually exert yourself to become a leader.
Being a non-combative person, you enjoy competitive sports that are played by the rules and are non-violent.
Within 8 months
You’ll feel trapped in a negative cycle of events and will worry that the future holds more of the same.
A younger/ young man, who is inclined to have the desire to communicate his thoughts in a clever and inspiring manner.
He may have a writing and speaking ability.
He may seek out people to communicate intellectually, including a romantic partner.
He may be fond of children and may stimulate their minds.
You may connect/ be connected to hm in some way.
During this period, you may develop fanatical adherence toward esoteric cults, or toward political philosophies.
Or, you may be an ‘arm-chair philosopher’ whose off-hand answers for the world’s ills aren’t based on any practical experience.

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