BIRTHDAYS: – 24 Sept. – 2 Oct.
Within 10 months
Upset caused by a person close to you, be objective and take command of the situation.
A family member/ friend/ pet will need more of a personal attention from you.
Make the effort to meet their needs and you’ll both benefit.
During this period, the structures/ traditions upon which your work and life style are based, may be significantly altered/ completely transformed by current circumstances.
You have no obvious comforts/ rewards to gain for having sacrificed, worked hard, attained seniority, nor is it time to demand such matters.
Attempts to impose your authority may be met with unwavering resistance.
If you’ve been unwilling/ unable to accept past failure, loss, disappointment, it’ll work against you.
Look for positive options, even if you’re experiencing the most negative situations.
During this period, a favourable time to enhance your physical appearance, beautifying your home, or involve any aspect of art, or design.
Your capacity for humour and enjoyment increases.
You may have to watch your tendency for laziness/ over-indulgence, you have a positive outlook, feeling more attractive and sociable.
A favourable time to dine socially with people, or to entertain people in your home.
If you want to take a chance on something, now is your chance.
Trust your intuition, it may lead to some fortune, as well as pleasurable situations.
A fortunate time, in bonds of kinship, partners of emotional nature and your efforts to improve troubled relationships.
Within 5 months
You may attend a state/ official function or event.
You may fill the position as a horse trainer as your vocation.
During this period, you take matters too seriously.
Don’t try to read between the lines when there’s nothing to find, and don’t waste time looking for hidden motives in people when their actions may be perfectly innocent.
You may jeopardize a position of personal power/ control if you try to manipulate a situation/ use information and ideas you get from people for personal gain.
This may happen to you if you allow other people to behave in such a manner.
You may enccounter frustrating obstacles during this period, but much progress can be made if you maintain a patient, reasonable attitude.
BIRTHDAYS: – 3 – 12 Oct.
During this period, awareness needs to be developed that you’re not in competition with everyone in the world.
You’ll find that you’ll get along much better with people if you learn to work in co-operative harmony rather than in competition.
You have abundance of physical energy, which needs to be controlled, or accidents may result.
You may be thoughtless, without meaning to cause pain.
You may experience issues over people’s approach to life, with your in-laws, or courts of law.
Within 2 months
You may acquire material debt due to gambling.
A woman, who is inclined to radically be manipulative.
She may be temperamental and brooding.
She may be touchy and unpredictable.
She may be easily hurt and become aloof.
She may possess a negative attitude and may become rebellious.
She may be lazy and bored with detail.
She may be selfish and too fixed in her opinions.
She may be self-pitying and shy.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.
Within 5 months
You may begin a romance with an art dealer.
Your pregnancy may bring forth twins – possibly twin girls.
You may take up book-keeping as your avocation.
A younger/ young woman, who is inclined t be a visionary and a deep thinker.
She is optimistic and out-going, she is drawn to the outdoors, religion and sports.
She is sociable and enjoys mingling with people.
She enjoys young people and animals.
She enjoys luxury and may spend money on a whim.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 23 Oct.
A younger/ young man, who is inclined to over work/ over worry, causeing his nerves to fray.
He may tend to over exaggerate.
He may be deceitful.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
Within 1 month
You may want to join the military service and to find glory in battle.
Within 7 months
You may become involved with the public as a funeral director.
You may have an attorney who has authority over you.
Career and status are subject to change, whether to your advantage of disadvantage.
Cover your bases and remain alert, listening to the murmurs as to your company’s future health and prosperity.
If your job feels restrictive and lacks growth, it might be time to search for a new position or career.
Be sure the need is real, and not just your desire for a change and freedom.
Within 2 months
You may gain through gambling.

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