BIRTHDAYS: – 22 Jun. – 1 Jul.
You may become a famed leader after your demise.
Within 9 months
You’ll be afraid to trust yourself, or your decisions due to you being wrong in the past.
Or, you couldn’t make things happen.
Within 8 months
You’ll have a difficult time with family members.
Or, in trying to make travel arrangements/ schedule outings together – try to avoid friction.
Within 8 months
You’ll be feeling restricted/ boxed in, but are actually in a protective (spiritual) position; you won’t be diverted from your higher purposes.
Within 1 month
You may be inclined to become quarrelsome, during this period.
Take time out before it esculates.
BIRTHDAYS: – 2 – 12 Jul.
A woman, who is inclined to be friendly, generous and detached.
She needs much freedom.
She may lack permanence in many of her involvements.
Her values in romantic matters may be superficial.
Her emotions are on a mental level than sentimental.
She thrives on change and variety.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.
Within 2 months
You may have a talent as a magician/ black magic.
A man, who is inclined to be attached to his home and family.
He may be poetic, material and imaginative.
He may be rather quiet, conscientious and receptive.
He may be deeply concerned with what people think of him.
He may like to cook and entertain.
He may manipulate to achieve his aims, due to his emotional security.
He needs a quiet place to retreat.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
A man, who is inclined to be handsome, compassionate, frank, generous, honest and kind.
He has a charming personality.
He is loyal and affectionate, but may be easily hurt, as he may be in love with love.
He may be preoccupied with his physical appearance.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
You may become impulsive, and may have to learn to use your willpower in order to control your fluctuating emotional turmoil that seethes your inner being.
You’re extremely sensitive, during this time, but unfortunately don’t always take into consideration how your own actions may affect other people.
You may have a strong vitality, and utilize it to work with many different projects at the same time.
Because of your high vitality, you may, at times, lack patience with other people who don’t have your energy level.
BIRTHDAYS: – 13 – 22 Jul.
Within 5 months
You may begin a love affair with an artist.
You may have a child who is very knowledgeable.
Within 9 months
A surprise is in store for you.
A visitor may arrive – a person you’re very happy to see.
During this period, your psychic energy, intuition, spiritual awareness and artistic sensitivity may reach an exceptional development, if you choose to investigate and utilize them.
Your facets of nature that require illusion/ pretense will be satisfied, much caution is needed if your lose touch with reality.
Your enhanced imagination may result in the favourable inspired ideas/ actions, but also unfortunately it may be responsible for fanaticism/ paranoia.
People/ situations which you encounter may be associated with alcohol, bankruptcy, dancing, drugs, footwear/ feet, illusion, mystery, the ocean, promotion, religion, or scandal.
Within 6 months
You may be in a habit of pursuing extra-marital sexual relations.
You may be in a habit of quarreling.
You may have a tenant who may be malicious.
You have the ability to communicate your ideas to your romantic partner/ spouse/ friends, but watch out in your tendency to tune out of the conversation.

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