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Day 874 of 1001 Days of Faces, One Hundred and Twenty-Seven to Go

Day 874 of 1001 Days of Faces, One Hundred and Twenty-Seven to Go.
This morning, Vesta and I met Eric, who came walking toward us with a cup of Starbucks in his hand and a cigarette in his ear. He was on his way to court and I suppose we’d meet more people who were heading toward the courthouse for one reason or another is
f we waited till 7:30 or so to take our photograph, but we’re usually well into our morning walk by then.
However, we were a little late taking our photo this morning, cuz right after we parked on our bridge, three Sheriff’s SUVs came speeding down Sierra, lights blazing, but no sirens. Two of them slammed to a stop by the curb opposite the courthouse. The third, slid sideways to a stop, stopping traffic.
And quick as a witch’s wink, deputies with assault rifles at the ready pouted out of the SUVs, all charging toward the area between The Eddy and the Second District Courthouse.
“Again,” Vesta said.
“Last time they weren’t running and they didn’t have drawn guns.”
“I think we should go.”
“I think we should see could we get one of them to be our face of the day.”
“I think you’re nuts.”
And she was probably right. Photographing peace officers is one thing. But photographing them, gun in hand is another. Besides, they might not have appreciated me asking.
A K9 car showed up. The officer got out with his dog.
We stayed on our bridge and watched, till it was over. I don’t know what it was all about, but right after all the action was stopped, Eric came along and we took his picture.
And, you know, well you probably don’t if you don’t know my friend Brett. But Eric looks a whole lot like him. But that’s not that unusual, I suppose, cuz we all got two eyes, two ears, a mouth and a nose, so I guess there’s only so many combinations you can have before someone winds up looking like someone else.
PS. Last time, which was only a couple days ago, we thought maybe it had been a bomb threat. This time, obviously, it was about something else.

Dear ladies and gentlemen

Dear ladies and gentlemen.
I wrote poems since I was a little child.
I like this. Please take this: Hollar
As a passion inspired by my father which teach me the rudimentary poetry technique and introduced me into the world of arts.
It was for us a way to put behind the atrocity he experienced at the WW2 as a combat soldier by the Italian army.
I am musician, but I also write verses and translate poems in six different languages, from the great names of the international literature to the new generations of poets.
This is my way to bring to the world a message of love, peace, and friendship.
Due my limited knowledge in social media and some other personal circumstances, I don’t have much chances to publish my work in the way I want.
That is the reason why I prefere Facebook instead to show myself in a personal website.
Here I’ve the choice to associate my poems with the appropriated music which I chose from the great composers such Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Verdi or from few actual Rumanian, Russian and solo players, here, present in my timeline.
Never less, sometime I like to post other writers as well, such the young American poet Jessica Hoover.
Now, it could be that with some of my presentations, I offended the moral common sense, by showing some great names of art and culture, associated with my texts, and with some picture which I choosed from few internet collection, or from my past by the time I worked as fashion-model or at this present time as musician.
For many years, I work in this way, with intention to represent intimate moments of human kindness in the way I experienced, according to my life style and my sexuality, (which it may not reflect the reality of the most of you, but it will give you a clear idea about my being.)
Anyway !
– Because our diversity, I became interested in your friendship and I still do with regard to your openminded generosity in the way you accept my presency in your timeline and for which I feel honored and privileged.
Here, you grant me the chance to exchange experiences and opinions about my arts and your arts which I enjoy every time you publish something of your works and about your greatness and talents.
Nerveless it improves my knowledge about your culture and traditions, about the beauty of your country and your politics view that open my mind and my heart with love and pride to be your friend.
I am always in search of quality, therefore I don’t have many names in my timeline but those I have are the best and I am very proud to share with them what we can.
Quantity it’s a relative issue because it will never give a concrete chance to communicate in a equal level and to know each others in a sufficient way.
Despite my will, I have to make some choices according to my stronger interests which variate between leterature and philosophy, music, fashion, arts and photography, equestrian and athletic sports, politics and justice.
Therefore I’m use to have the same amount of people that I know from the past with those I chose at this present time between musicians, poets, athlets, police oficers, militaire and veterans all around the world.
It may sound as I am too selective, but as you know, not everybody can like everybody entirely, and nobody is obliged to follow eternally my ideas or my arts anyway.
So with a certain boldness and despite my privacy, I published my profile in all details, with hope to capture your intrest and to invite you to be friend of mine.
On the meanwhile I delete who show impolitely aggressive or macho behaviour, and I refuse friendship with who do not show any personal reliable information on his profile.
I also avoid any riquest of contact from who introduce himself arrogantly, as the best religion in earth or who is affiliated to whatever oppressive ideology, to the detriment of the others human beings.
Let me be very clear about that:
I am immune from any form of intimidation !!!
However; I will not expose any friend of mine to be molested or be follow by doubtful, sneakily infiltrated individuals.
Indeed, I will never let anyone use my hospitality as a vehicle for whatever ambiguous or coward purpose !!!
Therefore, I will delete every possible access to everyone who do not reflect my criteria.
In the same way I will raport immediately every fake profile to R. L. Heinemann; From the FB page (LOVE and ROMANCE SCAMMING).
On the other hand;
If you don’t like my poems, my pictures or my music, you are always free to delete or block me from your list of friends.
So you do not have to deal with me anymore.
I promise, I will always forget you as I’ve never meet you,
and I will do with respect of your privacy and your taste.
I will only ask you kindly to don’t report the nudity of my pictures in such negative way like someone did for some times by presenting my art as to be compared with vulgar pornography.
In the island of Sardinia (where originaly I come from) we are used to say:
– You see things in the way you are !!!
Unfortunately, by such actions I lost many of my poems which can never be restored.
So, if you don’t like the way I express myself and my sincere interests on you in the meaning of exchange principles, values and personal emotions; just let me know in time without humiliate my good intentions.
I am not here to find a partner !!!
As I will always respect you, according to the fundamental ingredients of my Italian culture and education, I will like to be treated with the same respect and kindness.
Lastly, I guarantee you that my lifestyle and the way I am it’s not contagious at all.!!
So, if you are ashamed or if it’s too embarrassing to you to be my friend because my sexual diversity as Lesbian; please do not hesitate to delete me from your list.
I will appreciate much more such clarity than to hold on in a poor indifferent relation which will lead in a very sterile useless friendship.
Thank you very much
Always yours

The water element is responsible for our fluidity which directly influences how we move in and out of our emotions with grace

The water element is responsible for our fluidity which directly influences how we move in and out of our emotions with grace. The water element is the most present 75% of what we are made of. The sea resides in us – it can be calm – it can be rough, it is always there to be settled. Cool, heavy and deeply nourishing to the minds irritations or the bodies inflammations – go to the great ocean, bring all your worries and doubts and let it wash your own.
Sohini Live Well 2017

Good Morning FB

Good Morning FB!!! Darlene is BACK!!!
Are we content with ourselves? We are never satisfied. There is no end.
When we accept and love ourselves and live with a grateful attitude there is nothing that can stop us.
Ancient wisdom from many different cultures all converge on this life truth that is so difficult for us to accept.
Our happiness comes from within. It is not derived by any THING or PERSON.
Before we can truly love, we need to love ourselves. Love that person that you are today.
Seize the day!

These two people are SO motivating

These two people are SO motivating! I am so proud to announce my team leaders just became millionaires with our company two people couldn’t deserve it more!
They have impacted so many lives just in the short time I’ve known them…
This may not be for everyone but that’s because it’s different and it’s uncomfortable at first. These guys didn’t start off at this level, they busted their behinds off to achieve this. If they can do it, so can you! #networkmarketing #healthandwellness #millionaires #motivationmonday

O seeker of reality

O seeker of reality
Listen to what I say
The Way is from you
And the arrival is to you
So vanish, and you will see yourself
After you disappear

You end at yourself
so there is nothing but you
And you subsist by you
أنا مَنْ هَوَيْتْ * وَخمَْرِي مِنِّي أَشْرَبْ * وَعَنِّي رَوَيْتْ
يا طالبَ الحَقيقا * إِسْمَعْ ما أَقُول
منكَ هي الطريقا * ولك الوصول * فَزُلْ تَراكَ حَقا َ َ * بعدما تَزُول ْ
إِلَيْكَ انْتَهَيْتْ * ولَيْسَ ثَمَّ غيْرَك * وَبِكَ بَقَيْتْ

Today going to a wedding pre party tonite

Today going to a wedding pre party tonite…to a Latino that’s a pre drunk party b4 the wedding. My Pizza Hut dude is tying the knot. It’s a "BIG ONE"! I think I’ll b the only latino there…the 1st white person to ask me to park their car…im running them over. Congrats to my boi and for sticking with me for years as my sponsor. #preparty #weddingbells #paloverde #bigazzwedding #Pizzahut

Feeling tired

Feeling tired, stressed, or nervous?
Try a little Dolphin Pose
It helps balance the mind and body which helps decrease insomnia signs and symptoms, and in turn helps reduce fatigue
It also increases blood flow to the brain and is linked to improvement in mild depression symptoms, improved memory, improved concentration, increased awareness, stimulation of the nervous system, and relief from stress and anxiety
Dolphin pose is associated with trust, inspiration, devotion, happiness, positivity, and deep connection with self ☺️✨
#yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #dolphinpose

The end of ISIL could have happened much earlier

The end of ISIL could have happened much earlier, if Obama had not helped the terrorists to grow and got rich. ISIL stole Iraqi and Syrian Oil to sell in the black market to fund their ill-planned invasions. The USAF saw the daily long lines of oil truck (12,000 trucks even) but chose to ignore them and allowed the theft and sale of oil. EVERY DAY! ISIL suddenly became very rich US$500 million at the early stage. Who were their customers? Your guess should be as good as mine.
Johnny L
#ISIL #oil #obama #pentagon #USA #iraq #syria #turkey #gulf #middleeast #europe #dubai #UAE #saudiarabia

Being in my 50s has its drawbacks when your eyesight changes

Being in my 50s has its drawbacks when your eyesight changes. I hate having to wear glasses to see 5 feet in front of me but can’t because they’re not crisp enough for further distance.
5 visits to the eye dr since the beginning of August and we may have finally gotten the multifocal script right. Not only is my Dr a very sweet lady but she also has such patience. Every time I try a different script she wants me to call her and stop in within a couple of days. She always says “I won’t give up til I get it right”. Now that’s persistence. I’m finally seeing my life around me crisp and clear again. T-12 days to Vaca and Can’t wait to wear sunglasses again! Visionworks #BlessedtoSeeAgain