“Beneath the Salish Sea” (2016)

“Beneath the Salish Sea” (2016).
This piece by Susan Point is made with red and yellow cedar and acrylic, includes a “spindle whorl” motif with a central sea urchin surrounded by crabs. Working for over 35 years, Point is a Coast Salish artist who has been expressing her heritage with drawings, prints, sculptures, and carvings, using a variety of materials including ink, paint, paper, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, stone. A disk through which a central rod is inserted used to spin and weave, the spindle whorl forms a central element and foundation for her art. To understand better what makes the Canadian Southwest/Pacific Northwest special, travellers to and residents of the city should visit the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Vancouver, BC – 26 May 2017.
( Vancouver Art Gallery | Artslandia Vancouver | Aboriginal Tourism BC )

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