‘Beware of resistance fatigue

‘Beware of resistance fatigue,” I warn in my contribution to the Guardian’s panel on Trump’s 100 days (alongside
Jill Abramson, Kate Aronoff, and Moustafa Bayoumi)
Trump’s first 100 days have pleasantly surprised me in showing that our nation has various centers of power, and that these centers have diffused, if not negated, 45’s attempt at full-on authoritarianism.
It’s been heartening to witness the judicial branch slowing down Trump’s immigration ban attempts and attempt to punish sanctuary cities, even more so considering these legal decisions were made in the context of vocal, well-organized and enormous protests by an inspiringly activist citizenry. And Trump’s failure to even pass substantial legislation on healthcare or a border wall would be hilariously funny if they stakes weren’t so deadly.
But sadly, I have not been surprised at all at what Trump’s still horrific first 100 days have revealed about white people, Republicans and the Democratic Party. Absurdly, a majority of white people have actually thought President Trump has been doing a bang up job. So have most Republicans, who have successfully gotten 45 to install a judge some conservatives hope will be “pro-life” to the Supreme Court (and whose first vote was to kill a black man). Indeed, Trump’s prediction that he could shoot someone and his supporters would stand by him is probably true.
Meanwhile, the Democrats – whose leaders have mostly been hiding in the woods or earning $400,000 an hour for talks to Wall Street – still haven’t learned the lesson that Republicans will never vote for them and Wall Street economics are not embraced by the people whose votes they need to be winning.
Trump’s resistance should feel proud of how it’s been able to fight. But it should also be worried about activism fatigue (and a piss-poor opposition party) as 45 continues his war against medical, economic, environmental and social justice for the nation’s most vulnerable.

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