Are you a devoted reader? Do you want to do more to help your fave authors? Would you like to help support authors by sharing their work on your social media accounts? Would you like sneak-peeks of new books BEFORE they are available to the public?
If so, check out these authors below! I’m currently adding new Street Team members to their teams.. Many of them offer free e-books or other great rewards to active members to thank them for all of their hard work!
If you’d like to be on a team, check out the author fan pages & make sure their genres are something you would love to help promote & then let me know!
I’ll do a quick interview & see if you’d be a good fit for the team! We ask that team members be able to post a minimum of twice per week to their pages/walls, but we always welcome more postings!
I’ve included the author fan pages on this posting! If you’re interested in joining a street team, message me or comment here!
Jaz Primo:
Bree Lewandowski:
Lara Bernhardt:
Athena Daniels:
Alaina Stanford, Author:

8 thoughts on “***BOOK LOVERS***

  1. Leah Barlow Staci Baker Garrett Kelly Ryder Lori Williams Tamara Bennefield Lori Hammons Cassi Redmond Denise Rand Huebner Sydney Leffler Hopke Courtney Kinder Kris Saluga Sara Mccord Erin Sheets Sherry Bowman Cockerham Sheena-kay Graham <3

  2. I definitely would like to join Athena Daniels street team!! i absolutely love her and her books!! ❤

    And possibly Lara and Jaz too!! Gosh they are all fantastic!! ❤❤

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