Chandigarh – My deep investigation into human trafficking illegal immigration activities by many punjab and Haryana officers brought under ambit of high Court scanner.
Many office of deputy commissioner of respective Distt of Punjab and Haryana are hand in glove with immigration companies.
These officers being working under the definition of public authority starts working for illegal immigration companies in lieu of received huge bribes.It was not so easy for such illegal immigration companies to throbbing business.
Many immigration companies like Wwics immigration directors davinder Sandhu being a Canadian passport holders floated sham companies through C.A and income tax lawyers should be ready to face the law.
Can Asia immigration group is also being Foreign national floated this company illegally and routed huge foreign currency illegally to off shore management accounts.
No foreign nationals can do such illegal immigration activities in India.
Now you all bring back entire illegally routed money back to India and face the law than your sins would be forgiven.
Return entire money to respective old parents of youths whom you cheated otherwise you should be ready to face the law of India.
You cheated this country taken hard-earned money of old parents of many youths of Punjab.
I have complete track record of your money laundering.
These are meant to apprise you that your many illegal activities shall be brought to strong prosecution irrespective of your social or higher-ups contacts.
Return entire loot to innocent youths of Punjab.

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