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Check this…..Faceache wouldn’t let me post today’s(Day 16) vid taken at Puregym because the dreadful MTV canned music they insist on playing there at top volume is captured on it and I’m infringing the copyright of whoever was singing to a backing track that was lifted from somebody else’s record..which was probably several generations on from when (or if) the music was actually played by a person with any measure of skill or musicality….absolutely priceless!!!
Could easily fall into the trap of going into an old boy’s rant about people who play records or operate music playing ‘machinery’ being bigger stars with wider appeal than people who can actually play a musical instrument….but of course I try as hard as poss to keep up and would NEVER do that :-)….
THIS IS MY DAY 16 OF 22 push ups a day for 22 days to raise awareness for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, many driven to taking their own lives as a result. These are people who’ve been witness to situations and scenes of unimaginable horror in the line of their duties carried out ultimately in our interest and appear to be receiving little or no support from the government that issued their orders. We elected that government whether you like it or not, that’s democracy…and if you still don’t like it take a closer look at the alternatives. They’ve been through this so that people like you and I can have freedom of choice, speech, political, religious, even artistic and musical views and aspire to live the lives we choose, without fear of persecution, incarceration, torture or violent death at the hands of extremists, fundamentalists and other assorted nutjobs.The world and social media seems full of people trying to seperate us from our money for whatever worthy cause, but even if you take a minute to text just 2 quid to this, it all helps. Please have a read.
Text “PTSD22 £2 or £5 or £10” to 70070. For a small contribution that can go a long way.

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  1. we were both beaten and tortured by the same perpetrators under the same regime….as the surface flesh withers away witt time..all that’s left are the scars and lesions. He will confirm this.x

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