Diabetes is caused by hunger

Diabetes is caused by hunger
Insulin is the key to opening the glucose channel on the cell membrane in the metabolism of glucose. It is produced by pancreatic cells in our body’s pancreas. To make the islet cells to produce enough normal insulin, nutritional ingredients must be adequate for the supply of islet cell balance. These nutrients are raw materials that islet cells need, and the raw material of insulin synthesis of islet cells.
Rice, as the staple food, is rich in sugar, containing less mineral trace elements and vitamins. Mineral trace elements and vitamins have lost in the process. As full people are, they acquire tiny mineral trace elements and vitamins. Thus the islet cells are in the sate of hunger, which is called latent hunger that we have no subjective feeling. To sum up, diabetes is caused by hunger.
Due to the lack of sufficient amount of nutrients in your body, islet cells can not synthesize normal insulin, producing defective insulin. Therefore, it can not be timely and effective to open the glucose channel on the cell membrane. Glucose is not able to enter the cell to provide enough energy to the cells, so man feels weak, with a poor regulation of blood glucose leading to high blood glucose levels.

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