Finding a person to form a connection to on a deep level is tough

Finding a person to form a connection to on a deep level is tough. At least it is for me. I am very picky, and I’m pretty happy with my solo-lifestyle. I admit, however, that I am seeking a level of “together” that is out of the ordinary.
Lately, it seems, that the single sphere is populated with people in open relationships. Equally, it seems that just as many make it very clear that they are already with “primary partners”. Here is where I may be flawed in my thinking, but I believe that regardless of how much they believe that they are open to unlimited love with multiple partners, when someone states they are with a primary, the best that anyone else can be is a third wheel.
I am currently evaluating my real feelings about polyamorous partners and dating those in open relationships.
I am looking for the pros and cons.
What are your thoughts? Are you a one-on-one type of person, or are you the one looking for another person to fill your definition of the perfect mate(s)?
Polyamory and consensual non-monogamy: Pragmatic, romantic, or just greedy?

5 thoughts on “Finding a person to form a connection to on a deep level is tough

  1. Real love is self love – if one feels they NEED another to feel COMPLETE then all of their relationships will fail as they place the responsibility of their own happiness on their partner(s). This leads to expectations and inevitable disappointments. One whom is completely confident in themselves and what they uniquely have to offer will never fall prey to jealousy. A complete individual loves themselves enough that even if a third partner were to bond better with their current “primary” partner and this leads to them severing ties; they are unattached and trust that a better suited partner will come along. Therefore all partners are truly free and unbound to express their love as they see fit. I love myself

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