BIRTHDAYS: – 22 – 31 May
A younger/ young woman who is inclined to be helpful to other people.
She is dependable worker with a sense of loyalty.
She enjoys her work and gives her time willingly.
She inspires co-operation among employees.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.
Winthin 9 months
You may have stomach issues/ be subject to nausea/ have issues with your prostate gland.
If concerned, check-up with your GP is advisable.
Misunderstandings may occur frequently and you may easily slip into day-dreams and wishful thinking.
You’re also attuned to the unseen and are sensitive to people’s feelings.
Inspiration may come through poetry, art and music.
Be especially cautious with contracts, which can be misleading, and be sure to clarify what you write or speak.
Within 8 months
You’ll have a difficult time with family members.
Or, in trying to make travel arrangements/ schedule outings together – try to avoid friction.
Within 3 months
You may communicate to others as an entertainer.
You may have a brother/ sister who is noble of character.
BIRTHDAYS: – 1 – 10 Jun.
Within 5 months
You may choose to have your writings of history published.
You may begin a new photography hobby.
You have begun the work of attuning yourself to your higher self.
Your openness to spiritual awareness will attract people to you, so that you continue learning, or even teaching higher spiritual awareness.
You are extremely loyal to your friends and treat them with consideration.
You may have creative abilities which may be pursued.
Within 8 months
You may take some sick leave.
Or, desert from an unpleasant job/ work situation.
Or, you could change your mind about taking a job you didn’t want anyway, but felt you had to because of financial considerations.
Within 10 months
Communications with your parent/s may become difficult for some reason.
Or, one of your parents may begin to have difficulties that affect your own sense of well-being and security.
Or, your parent may become ill and hospitalized.
Within 4 months
You may purchase tapestries for your home.
BIRTHDAYS: – 11 – 21 Jun.
During this period, you have to face the consequence of too much self-indulgence/ extravagance.
An unfavouable time for speculation.
Avoid idle flattery, it’s a losing proposition.
A younger/ young man who is inclined to be rather critical and to the extent that he may become a nagger.
His loyalty may be devoted to others.
He may see constructural advice as himself being criticized by others.
He may experience issues with family members/ co-operative relationships/ friends who may be hidden enemies.
You may connect/ be connected to him in some way.
Within 9 months
You may be making business calls/ to open up opportunities to make money.
But if you plan to combine business and social activities – it will not go well.
Within 5 months
You may begin a romance with a cheater.
If you have a child, you may find that he/ she has telepathy ability.
A woman, who is inclined to be cold and inhibited.
She has a compulsive drive for personal control of her environment, and seek to attain positions of power and leadership.
She may be a good investor/ stockbroker.
Romantically, she may be attracted to an older. mature person.
You may connect/ be connected to her in some way.

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