#happypride! I love this new flag that Amber Hikes, the black queer executive director of Philly’s Office of LGBT Affairs, created this year. I’m nearly 40 and this is the first time I’ve felt this extra tug to talk about how I’m part of this (which is why I’m sad some don’t want this). At age 18 I was at Sarah Lawrence so excited to meet others who identified as queer, specifically bisexual, but I quickly felt pretty shut out by the possibility of announcing it. SLC was the first time I’d been in a majority white environment & i was an international student & I struggled with finding my people. A friend named “Julie” (Yulya Trinidad) there who also was a scholarship kid & also didn’t fit in there, a brilliant lesbian who grew up in the LES projects, took me to my first Pride weekend downtown in 1997 and I was full of so much joy. It’s hard sometimes for people my age to talk about this all–in the 90s most people I knew were queer & none of our parents knew & it wasn’t something we felt compelled to announce. But I’ve had young people in recent years esp, WOC esp, who’ve done the research on me and know what I’ve identified as and they’ve wanted me to talk more about this. (Someone dug up something from 1997 when I discussed being “pansexual as the true state of my bisexuality” even!) They’ve said it matters to them so I want to be open with this too. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with being of too many marginal identifiers in this country but I’m grateful for living in a time when they can be discussed as part of each other. Thus, this flag. I’ve loved many men & women in this life & found it a great joy to be part of these communities & i am so grateful for the work those who came before me did & those after me do. Much love to all celebrating this, extra sweet this year as it coincides with Eid. #morecolormorepride #happypridemonth #pride2017

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  1. Thank you Yulya Trinidad for teaching me so much in the 90s about what queerness was all about in its essence. You’re another person that truly saved my life. Thinking of you esp today!

    1. I am so touched and honored by your words. It meant everything to me to co-navigate and survive that difficult SLC world with you. To find a kindred spirit in you. To share queerness, and its varied and intersectional layers with you. I honor you and who you are in the world!

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