Have You Ever

Have You Ever?~ Social Media is absolutely full of folks exposing only the best parts of them! The good stuff! Everything pretty! Only the positive! With an exception of a few, I’d say that’s a good thang! But I have some questions……… Have you ever felt like giving up? Have you ever, felt you weren’t ever gonna be good enough no matter how good the stuff you did? Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever felt like crying instead of smiling. Have you ever got tired? Have you ever felt unappreciated? Have you ever felt uncelebrated? Have you ever? Or how about these… Have you ever been misunderstood? Have you ever asked God why? Have you ever said I’m done! Have you ever been disappointed? Not once but often? Have you ever felt the pain inside of your soul so strong you didn’t know how to express it! Have you ever been depressed and pretended you were okay? Have you ever? Or how about this one….. Have you ever called on friends and family, try to describe your pain just to find they can’t help you? Or this is a good one…… Have you ever felt a scream so loud inside you and it won’t come out? As long as I have been in Ministry…….. 15 years!! I’ve ministered to those who have….. and while we are telling the truth….. I have!!! And during these times I have gone to the ONLY ONE WHO CAN DELIVER me!! Some deliverance take longer but God is the only Supplier of EVERYTHING we need! He is our HEALER!! We are never alone! He is always with us! If we turn to Him and no other source….. HE will fulfill us with PEACE! JOY! And COMFORT!! So please believe me…… if you Have Ever dealt with any of this…… HOLD ON!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Seek Him! And FIGHT WITH ALL YOU GOT!! To REMAIN IN YOUR PROCESS OF HEALING!! DON’T GIVE UP!! I haven’t!! And I won’t!! Lovin you, Dr. Gina❤️ FACEBOOK/DrGina R. Prince….. myhealthnsoul.com drginaprince.com #TheKeysAgainstTheEnemy #CurvationElevation #DrGinasRadioChat

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