Heads up

Heads up, you motherfuckers. Due to a ridiculous ego and peer pressure, I have now signed up to do both the 10k AND the full Edinburgh Marathon next year. I will be 42. This may well kill me. To that end, I will be creating a fundraising page in the new year and I hope to smash any high target I set. You all need to start saving now. FML.
Edit: bear in mind I am an antisocial shit who hasn’t taken part in any organised race before this. I may just spend the weekend tripping people up for shits and giggles.

42 thoughts on “Heads up

  1. Too late. I have already been telling people that I hear your voice coming through the mouths of my cats anyway.

  2. I was thinking about how I want to do things like this the other day there. I’ve only ever grown hair/had it removed for charity before, but I’d like to do more things that’ll ruin me for a good cause.

  3. Nice one. The training plans are usually 16 weeks but I have started following one now, just to see if I can avoid total collapse.

  4. My main advice to you would be to crack that 10 mile mark ASAP. Then you know you have to do that 2.5 times on the day.

  5. Which is why this would be good for me as well. It’s that extra motivation to keep pushing myself

  6. The strangest thing is, since I have stopped drinking I have made so many more bad decisions that cannot be easily explained away. Treadmill videos, certain to-be-revealed mic-related shit, and now this. Maybe alcohol was actually keeping me more mentally balanced.

  7. I honestly think you could package this into being a great online entertainer. I’m looking forward to the mic-related shit haha. I barely drink at all now and I’ve just become super boring. At least you’re a comedy genius.

  8. I signed up for five different 5k races just so I can collect all the parts for a giant medal lol. We’re like crazy running buddies.

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