HEX “The Bar Exam” coming in April

HEX “The Bar Exam” coming in April!!! Two more songs to mix and then it is off to Mr. Dave Fore to add his magic on the master!!!! 17 slaps feat. Brandon Rivera, Casper Capone, Eddie Marttinez, Juganot Da Beast, Doc9, Benny Contreras,DJ 40oz, Mandito Brown, Chris Robinson, Bigg Loop, Anthony Slicc Quezada (Lou E Slicc), Bryan Velthoen, Chris C Dubb West, Deon Watkins (Purp Reynolds), Reece Loc, Rico Gray, Mac Deviasi, Big jess of the spit flame fam, Daniel Lildee Corbin, Anthony Cervantez, Rafael Torres, Chuco Perez, Stoney Stone, Piercy Gramz. This got some bangerz on it!!! Mixed by none other than Mike Lamb. Got some C-Dubb slaps on it, Feliciano Cano, Anthony Amotbeats Moreno, Mastamind, AK47, Phantom Beats so you know it’s gonna be slappin!!!! If you liked “The Hex Files” I am sure you gon like this one!!!!

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