Hey guys

Hey guys, throwing this out to Facebook land!
I’m searching for a very particular person to hire/partner up with. Someone who is in the TV/Film industry, local 600 is a plus but not not a must. Looking for someone experienced with Red cameras, Alexa Mini and an interest in aerial cinematography. We have the entire operation up and running, FAA licensed pilots, insurance, and equipment. We also have an office in Anaheim and a team handling office tasks.
I’m looking to find someone, or crew already working in the industry that is interested in adding aerial cinematography to their repertoire. No need to worry about the FAA, airspaces, laws, insurance, etcetera I have all of that covered! I’m an expert part 107 drone pilot and full size airplane pilot.
If any of you know of a good candidate tag him in the comments so we can connect.
Thank you guys!!
Austin Ahlborg
Matthew Roe
David Thies
David McGill
Michael Solomon
Ted Sim
Michael Gaskell
Casey McBeath
Taylor Randall
John Hafner
Pedro Guimaraes
Nicolas Martin
Brian Taylor
Adam Robert Dorris
Brian L Tan Blt

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  1. Kyle Good, Joe Adams you should check this out. Kevin Kem, if you ever come back in town you’d be perfect for this. Aaron Mendez you’re probably too busy, but if you’re looking for any side work. Yuki Noguchi. Ian Ian N Beckman

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