**HIRING** NASHVILLE, TN. #HereWeGrowAgain
We’re looking to add another ROCKSTAR to the Team! Looking for an Administrative Assistant to help answer phone calls, send emails, fax, copy, post on social media, etc. Must have GREAT communication skills, be comfortable talking on the phone, and be able to multi-task! We’re looking to franchise out and grow the company nationwide, so there could potentially be a HUGE growth opportunity for you. We grew another 289% just last month!
*I will be 100% transparent with you; I do not care about your resume, your past, and/or your education… I care more about your positive attitude, desire to have a great future, and willingness to work hard to get there! If you are only looking for something temporary then please do not waste my time or yours. Also if you are someone who calls in sick a lot, is late, does drugs, has a lot of drama in your life, etc… this will not be a good fit for you.
Work Hours:
12:00pm-8:00pm. Tuesday – Saturday!
(Sunday and Mondays off)
(Raise every 30 days based on your performance)
Email us with your cell phone number and my Executive Assistant will call you to set up an interview.
All the Best,
David M.

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    1. We’ve received 5 emails from it already. Please check the spelling on your end and try again 🙂 Thanks! (A lot of people miss a letter in that email for whatever reason)

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