“How one valley is isolated from the rest of the country

“How one valley is isolated from the rest of the country.”
Visible snake-trails have been left behind by skiiers and snowboarders from the Kanzlerwandbahn cable-car which is accessible from the Kleinwalsertal valley in Austria. Towering behind is Grosser Widderstein at 2533 metres (8310 feet) tall. As an enormous block of Dolomite stone in the Allgäu Alps, the Widderstein mountain stands firm at the very southern end of the Kleinwalsertal valley, and the steep mountains here are historically why no road has connected Kleinwalsertal with the rest of Austria. The only road access into Kleinwalsertal is from Oberstdorf, Germany. However, as you can see here, you can freely ski or hike at elevation across the Germany-Austria border between Fellhorn and Kanzelwand in winter or summer, respectively.
From Fellhorn across the DE-AT frontier to Kanzelwand – 8 Mar 2017 (© HL).
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