I hate to cause controversy on Thanksgiving

I hate to cause controversy on Thanksgiving, but some issues cannot be ignored. I realize this could even lead to what I have come to learn is the ultimate social rebuke, people unfriending me on Facebook. Nevertheless, I am compelled to proceed.
I am, of course, talking about the debate whether to serve turkey or ham on Thanksgiving. I like ham. If you were to invite me to dinner and served ham, I would be pleased. However, ham is not the appropriate entrée for Thanksgiving. You should serve turkey on Thanksgiving.
Being a magnanimous person, I have decided to remain friends with those of you who serve ham. While I think you are wrong on this very important issue, I am not going to let a turkey or a ham break up our friendship.
Have a good Thanksgiving…even if you serve ham.

8 thoughts on “I hate to cause controversy on Thanksgiving

  1. This is an egregious offense on my defensiveness. I choose to be a people pleaser, afraid to take a stand for what I truly believe in, and will have copious amounts of both. I will, later, exercise my right to be passive aggressive and unfriend you in order to make a point. In the meantime, I am thankful for your friendship and I hope all blessings surround you and yours!

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