I have accepted the Kozist 7

I have accepted the Kozist 7-day challenge, and today I ValYou
Eva Gold
Though a few days late, I wanted offer a Kozist ValYou to you. I have not seen you since college but have followed you in recent years on FB. Your successful life, personally and professionally could have been predicted by who you were, and becoming from the time I first knew you as one of the “Abbey Girls” on Church St.
The Roman Toga Party you all hosted, still ranks in Danny’s Dan Fogel and my mind, as one of the best parties ever in the history of parties. I think of David Fogel (who we still miss terribly) laying on your sofa, always waiting for Connie to come home. And he was in medical school! The wedding in the Arboretum at sunrise followed by the Detroit Country Club was is a wonderful memory. And, Danny and I may spent more time at your apartment than in class our sophomore year.
However, beyond the many fun times, I wanted to write about how much I admired you through college and did not appreciate enough nor share that admiration. This Kozist Challenge provides that opportunity, and after participating in this Challenge frequently this past month I realize it is never too late.
You were the original feminist, and mensch, not only in words but in action. I recall your having to overcome much to get out of your house in Oak Park, and get to college at Michigan. Most of us coasted with parental emotional and financial support. Not you. You did it mostly on your own, excelling academically while usually working a ridiculously number of jobs supporting yourself. At the same time you were sensitive and aware of what was going on with others around you. Most of us did not know what it meant to have certain values and convictions about important things in life. You did, and those obviously were transformed by your choices personally and professionally later as an adult.
I am not surprised that you chose social work and later psychology, as an expert in Gestalt treatment. You obviously provide the kind of help that facilitates growth, helping others to overcome all kinds of challenges from one’s past yet still alive in the present. You lived it, and have made your experience available to others.
Thanks again for sharing the pics of the Abbey Girls’ reunion recently—so much fun “to see” everyone.
We all knew you back than as “Elaine,” but ValYou the “Eva” you became. Well done you.
Warm regards, Mark

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