I rarely take days off

I rarely take days off, but this week I am off and I will be mute on social media for a few days while I just relax and enjoy friends and me! I deserve it! I want to wish everyone a wonderful Independence Day and a beautiful rest of the week.
Picture: Me having some food today!
THBM (Tad’s Happy Bubble Meditation):
I am free. I am in my happy bubble today. I have horizons rising like flaming Phoenixes in front of me, and it is an awesome sight to see in my life. Sometimes our lives take a turn here and a turn there and we find ourselves in a spot we never imagined we might be before. It is the stuff goose bumps are made from. I am where I am suppose to be, and it is awesome.
My heart is swelling with an incredible feeling of destiny and loving purpose. Where I find myself today I know I have called directly to me. I am the creator of my experience and I am invincible. The most rewarding and fulfilling feeling I can imagine isn’t feeling the love directed at me in my life, but instead it is the powerful purpose of giving love. I have fully embraced the lover in me, my life, and everyone in it as the true self that I know I am today. I am love. I am a lover. I am joy.
Today, I am thankful for me. I am thankful for the love that swells in my heart for my life, my purpose, and my journey. What a grand life this is to be able to live. Today my gratitude and appreciation for this experience that I am living is awesome. Thank you Universe! And thank you to me, for allowing me to recognize the truly awesome nature of me and this life. I am a Unicorn! I am perfect. And what you see in me is always a reflection of what YOU have active within YOU. And I see love, joy and excitement. Love and warm energy to you all always.

14 thoughts on “I rarely take days off

  1. your energy and awesome posts will be missed but, family and friends are much more important. i hope your day has been fantastic coach.

  2. Brotha … I appreciate you more than you know. In a short month, I studied what you taught me. I’m finally living again. 41 and beginning again is awesome. Thank you for listening to me and being there. Dinner on me at the Olympia … love you buddy !!!

    1. Lol if you mean a day off from work? Yes I don’t ever want to do another day of work in my life. You can brother, I won’t waste another day not pursuing my joy!

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