I will always love this

I will always love this, “Any man thinking of divorce is the option just try this. Spend a week away from home. Come home every night to an empty place. Listen and hear no sounds other than silence. There’s no laughter from your children. Nobody singing a song to the radio. No sounds of paper and a pencil doing homework or the dishwasher running. There is no kisses good night or a child waiting to be tucked in. Nobody to discuss your day with as you brush your teeth. This is just one day. As the days go by try to imagine what the future holds. All the ideas of freedom, the possibility of dating, the knowledge that there is someone better out there and that being single is so much fun…that is all a big lie. Satan is a liar and divorce as an option is a lie. Go home. Be the father, the husband God designed you to be. Protect your love, your marriage, your children, and your wife with all that you have. God gave you that gift…open it day after day.”

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    1. Yes! It’s just a status I’ve seen posted by a guy that went viral. That’s why it’s more aimed towards a man.

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