I woke up feeling really good this morning

I woke up feeling really good this morning. A friend poured a really strong healing sweat lodge for my birthday yesterday and feel so grateful today. It’s hard to make it alone in this world these days, we really need our community, our tribes, our family. I feel grateful to feel the support of a community of friends that gets behind each other’s prayers and helps each other out.
Thank you for all the birthday well wishes through real life and the social media world too! It’s kind of amazing to be able to receive love from acquaintances, friends, loved ones, and family that I’ve met through the walk of life from from the four corners of the globe. It feels really good!
It’s crazy to watch technology shift, remembering growing up before smart phones and internet. I think these Facebook birthday greetings are probably one of the better things to come out of those myriad technological advances. And so yeah, on that note, if you’ve made it this far as my Facebook friend, thanks for putting up with my opinionated political bantering! Yeah there’s always some crazy shit happening somewhere. But, we’ll get through all of this.
Really what’s important is supporting and strengthening our communities and families. We all need each other! So thank you for all the love. And big ups to all the other Geminis out there! You dudes and dudettes rock me like a hurricane!

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