I’m thinking I’d like to see a tribe of angry

I’m thinking I’d like to see a tribe of angry, middle aged ‘invisible’ women take over Washington DC in a ‘Million MENOPAUSAL March’ – Somebody needs to organize it, and send me a Facebook invite.
I also think we should all carry metal pitchforks and witchy brooms, and I’d personally go with Devil Horns, rather than pink pussy hats, but it shouldn’t be an official requirement.
I’m free on most weekends.
We can have a big sit-in, but instead of peaceful meditation, we can have all have a huge Group-Hot-Flash, and burn down the establishment.
It’s way more cost effective than tiki torches.
(Spontaneous Combustion ISN’T Illegal. I’ve already Googled it.)
Due to having saggy boobs, I suggest we replace Bra Burning with Tampon Torching…
Heavy smokers, with red hair, should be especially encouraged to attend…
Maybe the liquor company that makes Fireball will sponsor us…
We’ll be a HOT-Flash-Mob…
Anyone saying ‘older women aren’t hot’ needs to take a science class.
Oh, someone needs to put that in our list of official demands!
And, please find out if Drew Barrymore is skipping her periods… If so, she can lead the March, and we can all carry signs with her child face, surrounded by flames, from her 80s film ‘Firestarter’, which is so totally and so obviously a movie about early onset menopause… Think about it.
Female firefighters can lip-sink to Def Leopard’s Pyromania… and Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, as we all dance naked around a bonfire.
But, nudity shouldn’t be a requirement… Shirts that say ‘Disco Inferno’ would probably qualify as Age Appropriate… And I feel like we’d obviously have to all agree to chant ‘Burn Baby, Burn’, so that we don’t look crazy… But, I’m totally open to suggestions.
I’ve got a BURNING desire to take the Feminist Flame Wars OFF of the Internet.
Let’s show this administration what ‘Fired’ really means…
Inbox me the Date…
Good morning!

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