Just turned into a national hospital tip line

Just turned into a national hospital tip line.
SubmittedPHOENIX AREA BARIATRIC SURGERY ALERT-Arizona Medical Board Failure ———- The OR Director at Phoenix St. Luke’s Hospital has ordered that there be no talk about cases in the aftermath of a coverup where a surgeon (H. Juarez) who has already had problems left objects in patients accidentally, necessitating going back to the OR with THREE separate patients to remove everything from the tip of a stapler, a large section of stomach that had been stapled off and resected laparoscopically and something called a surgical ‘fish.’ This coverup now involves multiple doctors and administrators and was the talk of the OR for months beginning end Jan 2017 and ending during April 2017. (If these events had been properly reported a major investigation by the accreditation agency would have been triggered.) This talk has been shut down with investigators poking around. (Even the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the hospital was informed and kept quiet … the Arizona Medical Board didn’t ask him questions.) This case has been on the desk of the Executive Director of the Arizona Medical Board Patricia McSorley, and has been brought to the attention of AZ State Sen. Nancy Barto, AZ Ombudsman Dennis Wells, AZ Auditor General Debbie Davenport and the CEO of the hospital group (St Luke’s Phoenix and Tempe, Jim Flinn). They have not done their jobs and the surgeon is still operating. Names have been provided now for specific staff at St Luke’s. Basically, the AMB requires that the complainant do the work to get the investigation done right. I am trained in (Harvard) and practice legal, investigative psychiatry. The Arizona Medical Board is conducting a negligent, amateurish investigation. A chart review won’t do it. The public is at risk. There is also problem with, it just so happens, another group of bariatric surgeons that the Board is timidly and insufficiently examining. It is complex. They have set up almost 20 LLC’s to obfuscate. It’s a pattern. The public is at extreme risk in this case as well. One of the biggest cases of systematic fraud and deception and unnecessary surgeries I have ever seen. The Executive Director (McSorley) has been aware of this for MONTHS, and rejected the case once because of a demand for patient names. Several surgeons are in this ring. There is a fundamental problem with the Arizona Medical Board’s ability to handle complex cases especially when there is any coordinated coverup by a hospital. It seems like the Board investigators don’t want big cases that involve entities with plentiful resources to fight back. I was told as much by one of their (now suddenly departed) investigators. It’s like a homicide detective taking the word of the crazy stalking boyfriend without any background check on the alibi. Silly to call what I’ve witnessed an investigation. More like a brief perusal. IASIS is the hospital chain that the CEO Flinn works for. They own St Luke’s Phoenix and St Luke’s Tempe. BOTH of these bariatric groups contribute substantial income to the IASIS bottom line.
Ken Alltucker, Phil Boas, Brahm Resnik

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