Archana Ravikrishnan
Me:Self introduction about you
AR:Iam Archana Ravikrishnan.. Studied Viscom & Doing Psychology.. Little more than Interested to serve other people’s so.. Doing some Social activities.. & Working in Co operate company..
Me:Your opinion about facebook friendships?
AR:We have wonderful platform for. Communication & Supporters.. To help them.. Easily join Hands together..Have a Good Supporting to me…as My Facebook friends
Me:What way facebook helping your social Activities
AR:Strengthening to team Build.
Me:Women’s security in facebook your opinion
AR:Whatever.. We have some negative problems.. It depends on how to use this tool (Tool means Facebook) Its into.. Specific Usage of Women.. Still i have a Secure Friends in My Surroundings in Facebook.
Me:Has womens got enough security in public?
AR:Nooo.. We dont have a basic Security in this society.
If any issues.. In public.. for a women people are simply watching what is happening for her.
For example . While travelling in abus.. if some person disturbing a Girl around people are simply watching what is happening for her.
Nobody.. Ready to raise them voice for affected women’s or girls
Me:Write a few lines about your social Activities
AR:I love to serve All.. So I want to do long term of Social Activities to the society.
Me:Your hobbies
AR:Listening songs..
To make long distance Traveling..
Me:Write a Message to the society about Cleanliness
AR:Corperation & Other NGO doing some activities for Clean society.. As a every individual person should think about clean India…as clean Home.. Around our home.. Made clean sure.. It happen will soon..
As every individuals to take a responsibility for clean city..
AR:Welcome sir..

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  1. Yes I know . Sister but Periya story mathiri irukkunu than sonnen. Ungala neglect panrathukku illai.

  2. Welcome to our happy teammaa, Ms. Archana Ravikrishnan, let us say thanks to our good friend Sri. Chandra Mouli Venkataraman for having given an Intro.

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