LA family

LA family, I still need a lot more people for TOMORROWS video I’m directing! On camera 50 looks like 25, & 100 looks like 50…
So many have reached out willing to show up, some I would have never expected, & far away. I can never repay you, but I firmly believe you can’t put a price on something you are truly proud to be apart of!
I need everyone there by 12 noon & we will be done, UNDER an hour! The more that are there ready to rock n roll, the faster we’ll be done.
• I need all ages, the more ethnically diverse the better!
• Bring friends!
If for what ever reason your are running late, you can still fill in. But please, please try to be on the X at noon. I promise to get everyone in & out, that how I direct! I don’t make people, “hurry up & wait.”
5300 Lankershim Blvd
Unit 100
North Hollywood, CA 91601
United States
Parking is free, with gym validation!
INDUSTRY PEEPS: If you bring those who aren’t in the biz & they don’t need pics, I’ll count that towards your shoot.

32 thoughts on “LA family

  1. What do you want your peeps to appear like, casual, dressy, ya know. I’ll try to get there if my look’s right?

  2. You want me to repost on my wall for you? I wish I could be there I just had a small knee procedure and have to stay off it. I love you though.

  3. Lindsey Nicole Brian Raetz Timothy Montoya Ryan T Moore Keith Webb Nicole Dambro Daniel Wilkinson gather the pitchfork family together? Bubba Boudreaux Heintz Gerard Daniel Miagany Leonardo Cruz

  4. Yo! A friendly tip, in car you haven’t tried this. Please disregard if you already know.

    When you have fewer background performers than you’d like, scouting on longer lenses will help you fill the frame with fewer people. If you put them of of focus, you can often get away with using the same people as background looking in different directions, especially if costume changes are involved. This, of course, works when you didn’t need to see everyone at the smart time in perfect focus, etc.

    Happy shooting.

  5. Hey Mike, really wanted to take part in this but had a table read at the same time across town. Will try to help you out next time.

  6. Mike hope it went well! Sorry buddy still driving in from Norcal couldn’t make it on time. Will help you on other stuff let me know, HUGS

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