Last call: Register with me and save $100

Last call: Register with me and save $100.
I’m looking for any friends interested in attending a week of full immersion writing classes. If you’ve talked about, dreamed about, but haven’t started, your book. Or if you started but gotten stuck, this week will move you along on the book-writing path. There’s something for any want-to-be author in fiction or non-fiction. Are you a published author and want to learn how to manage social media to sell your book and your brand? They have a class for you, too. The West Texas A and M University Writers Academy will take place starting June 5 in west Texas. If you’re a first time attendee, registering with me will save $100. Here’s the link to get all the info. you need. This is the best gift I’ve ever given myself as a writer, turned published author. PM me if you want to go!

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  1. I’m taking Lori Karvasale Freeland’s and Tammy Barker is taking Margie Lawson’s. I’m supposed to be the transportation for me and Tammy all week, but if you want to ride together, and help cart us around to dinner, we can do that, or you can ride with me and I’ll do it for all 3 of us. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m happy to split the cost of gas up there and back. Tammy is flying from VA to AMA on Saturday and leaving Saturday, so it would just be me and you in the car for the trip. I don’t have another friend that can go. Mom isn’t coming this year as Jerry is about to have major back surgery and she’ll be playing nurse for a few weeks right at that time.

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