LOLA … 2001 to 2017 … she was my Zen Master in every way … from the 5 a.m. bell (meow) imploring me to get up and spend time with her to how she taught us the profound merits of stillness and presence. Love how Eckhart Tolle once put it: “I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”
“Drawing inward is critical to our well-being and spiritual realization. If we are constantly living on the surface of life, distracted by every noise, every news bulletin, we will never find our spiritual center.” ~ Always Returning: The Wisdom of Place…/show/23489515-always-returning…
“We are more than our losses; we are resilient. And loss, when understood at the level of soul, transforms us. If we allow it; if we dedicate ourselves to understanding the path of life; and if we find the courage to explore the deepest life mysteries that inevitably become more compelling during times of profound grief. The invitation to explore anew the aspects of life we have always shied away from is part of the grief-experience. But it is only an invitation. Noticing it, accepting it, and growing with it … those things are up to us as individuals. I hope if you are feeling the pull of the universe to better understand the deeper aspects of existence that you decide to explore those feelings. Your intuition will guide you. The love for those you have lost will also guide you.” (recent blog post in SunnyRoomStudio)…/13/the-silence-of-morning/

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    1. Our Missouri girl … they always say cats adopt their owners, and she certainly did that with us. I can still see her clinging to the screen on my office window in St. Louis when she was still so tiny. I thought I was seeing things … thanks, Melissa.

    1. Thanks, she was my shadow … from 5 a.m. on. Tough getting up this morning knowing she wouldn’t be there …

  1. I’ve lived with rescue fur-babies my whole life, so I know exactly what you mean. I think the most difficult one for me is when I lost my little Annie a few years ago – inherited from my youngest brother who passed from pancreatic cancer, she was a Toy Poodle/Terrier cross – almost blind with one eye, no teeth and she was 21? when she passed. I loved her to pieces. Now I have Thomas; a huge Tuxedo cat with abandonment issues rescued from the SPCA. No one wanted him because he was so huge (25 pounds) and old (now 13?) years ….he stole my heart, and I promised him he would live the rest of his years knowing he was much loved.

  2. Julie, inspiring stories. So glad you are out there … pets need all the help they can get in this crazy world of ours. <3

  3. I am so sorry your Lola had to leave you. I’m sure she’s joined all your other gone-ahead beloveds in watching over you. <3 :'(

    1. oh yes, I know … it was just another “silence of morning” … and now I am without my zen master … but I know this terrain, as we all do, so something beautiful will flow from Lola and her memory. thanks so much for your hopeful words Maxine. <3

  4. such unique personalities, I bet … Lola found us so I guess we’ll have to wait for another cat to search us out … four is a nice number … you never run out of them that way <3

    1. Thanks Terri … can’t imagine life without her. Just a constant presence, one that was comforting and true.

  5. Daisy there is something truly magical about feline Zen Masters. They walk to the beat of their own drum, but darn if they dont know when you are out of synch or step. They’ll reel you back in. I’m guessing Lola spent many hours at your feet or beside your key board….they coax us on and open the door to our life’s purpose. I’m feeling this magical feline…………and yeah, she loves you much and misses you more….

    1. so very true … she was a constant inspiration, a quiet source of support and love. A wonderful zen master <3

    1. she truly has kept me going these past 16 yrs, she and our sweet Noah (they grew up together), who passed June 2015. They were quite a pair, both of them coming into our lives when we lived in St. Louis. Here you go Deborah … taken many yrs ago!

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn. Confronted once more with “the silence of morning” without her. She was a very sweet girl who always reminded me to pause a while … to remember the value of just “being.”

  6. Kathy, exactly. And would you believe I bought an office chair for sitting/reading last fall … and I have yet to ever sit in it! Guess why? Lola adopted it day one and it became her morning chair while I worked at the keyboard. Such quiet encouragement; such bliss.

  7. Sending so much love your way Daisy. I adoped a feline fur child from mfrom my friend Rebecca a little over a year ago. Never, ever did I imagine how this cat would capture my heart. I’m smitten………and now I can only imagine the depth of your loss. Banit has caught my tears and held my heart. That’s the magic of fur kids……….. You may love them for a moment, they love you forever…………and then they begin reeling you in. ……..yeah, love has no boundaries and knows no limits………….

    1. Oh I know … they are so much a part of the day … always there … rarely demanding … always wise. Have had a cat for the past 30 years … don’t know what the future holds but maybe someday another Lola will find me. I will hope for that … missing her just doesn’t begin to capture the feelings that run rampant in my heart. Thanks for your sweet note Kathy … glad you have a zen master in your life! Nobody relaxes like a cat … <3

  8. LOVE my cat! She’s 14 years old and doesn’t look a day over 6. Always calm, always collected. Loves to cuddle and purr. She’s truly a Zen Master. I’m so dreading the day when she outlives her nine lives …

    1. Amazing, aren’t they, Jan? I always said I wouldn’t get another one after Lola … but she found us, so guess will have to just see if another cat comes our way. She was a steady presence in my office … I’d write, she’d curl up in my office chair (the one I bought last fall and never sat in because she immediately adopted it, and now, I don’t want to sit in it, of course). Glad your zen master is doing well <3

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