In Modern times Boys and Girls Study & work together, therefore they get opportunity to meet each -other freely. These kind of frequent meetings cause mutual intimacy which leads them to love affairs, finally they agree to marry. This kind of marriage is called “Love Marriage”. In this type o marriage system the choice of marriage system the choice of the bride & groom is primary and the parents are secondary.
Love marriage always becomes successful on the basis of mutual agreement of the bride and groom. Traditionally the way of examine the 7th house to get information about the chemistry about commitment. 5th house can give us important clues on our romantic life, closeness, intimacy etc, Beside that, 11th house denotes how we maintain relationship with others.
* Venus – An Analysis of Love Marriage :
In astrology Venus, 5th lord and house are primary planets behind any kind of romantic relationship or love affairs and if they are connected with 2nd lord/house, 7th lord/house, 11th lord/house then the native will be involved in love affairs and finally will get married.
* Placement of Venus In Horoscope & Love Marriage :
Venus is the primary planet for love. Without a proper placement of Venus it is not possible to get a successful love in life. Here successful love means- which romantic relationship will convert into a marriage. Here I am not talking about any Extra Marital or illicit Relationship. I am talking about pure love marriage.
* Placement of Venus 5th House and connection between 7th brings love marriage. Venus indicates what your “desire” is in this life. Like : If it is in 5th house so you will be desiring to lead a romantic life always. If your partner’s horoscope doesn’t match with your desire so it will create many complications after marriage , it may end up in divorce or you may look for new world of relationship for you. That’s why divorce rate is so high in case of love marriages, people do not know the difference between love and infatuation or attraction for limited period. If Venus is combusted or debilitated so there will be question mark in romantic life and if there is no love relationship or relationships are not staying for long in somebody’s life, so the matter of “Love Marriage” is useless to him. Because, there should be love relationship at first to enjoy love marriage. In very short I can say – If Venus is place or aspects Lagna, 5th, 7th & 11th house so it will indicate loving nature in native. why ? :
(1) Lagna indicates native’s true being (true you).
(2) 5th house indicates “Romance”.
(3) 7th house is all of your “Desire”, in Sanskrit it is called “Kama”. It indicates strong desire of your Life, Sex, Intimacy and Marriage.
(4) Finally 11th house indicates “New Friends or Relationship”. with a strong 11th house & Venus and connection between them can give many friends of opposite sex. If 5th house and Rahu is also involved in this combination so the native will get several love relationships (or truly speaking – infatuation) in life. If 7th house is also connected with this yoga so the native will marry in case of marriage whether it is love or arranged D-9 or Navamsa will give the final whistle.
* Combination of Moon and Venus makes a person very romantic, and if this yoga is there in lagna or 7th house so Love marriage is confirmed you can say. But, there are also some terms & Conditions :
(1) The Yoga should be without any malefic influence houses or malefic planets.
(2) Combustion Should not be there.
(3) Planets should not be weak or debilitated.
If any of the three above mentioned is available in horoscope but any strong benific planet is influencing the yoga, so the love marriage will happen but after some difficulties. Intensity of adversity will depend on planetary strength of the whole combination.
There is another opinion in Vedic Astrology an obviously some astrologers believe in that opinion also, that is – If Venus is in 5th house from Moon so that also indicates love marriage. But I neverhave got that kind of chart yet where only this position is determining love marriage. One thing is for sure that – if in any chart this placement of Venus is present so it makes the person romantic and brings love relationships in life, but whether that will convert into marriage or not that depends on other factors of horoscope. Like – 7th & 2nd house connection etc.
* How Mars is related to Love Marriage :
Mars is your passion and courage, actually Mars gives a person the courage to express his/her love for others. Venus is your “Love”. So when they come together in any horoscope the native becomes very passionate about Love and their partners. Sometimes it is bad,especially when this yoga get any malefic influence, the native becomes over passionate and that creates confliction between the two parties. Thus, the relationship come to an end. That’s the reason, some astrologers opine, that – combination of Mars and Venus is very bad for Love Marriage – which is also partly true. But, if the passion is well-channelized, means if the yoga is devoid of any negative (house & planets) influence or influenced by benific planets, so it can give a very nice romantic life, where they (partners) will fight with each other for little things but also won’t be able to live also without each other. You can say – a “Sugar & Spice ” love life. If this yoga is connected with 5th or 7th house so that will indicate a successful Love Marriage. Always remember D-9 should is the chart of marriage if this divisional chart does not support love marriage, but, there is a clear indication of love marriage in Rashi Chart so Love Relationships will happen and they (Love Couples) may exchange rings as the token of love but finally the relationship won’t convert into Marriage. Mar’s aspect on Venus will give the same result as co-joining.
* There are so many combinations in astrology, which denotes Love Marriages; following are some important combinations of them :
– If the 7th lord and Venus are aspected by each other or co-joined with Saturn, then the native will marry a girl with whom he is already in love.
– If lords of 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th house and Venus are somehow associated with Saturn or Rahu (conjunction/aspect), so the sex attraction will be the main cause of the love affair. If those house lords are strong and not afflicted badly, so that affair could reach to its destination – Marriage. If those house lords are weak or badly afflicted, so that love affairs would not able result into marriage.
– Sun in Taurus denotes, adesire to attract a rich, beautiful and powerful lady to get married, it is all to fulfill his desire.
– If Saturn is associated with 7th house or lord by posited there or by aspects the person will marry a girl who willbe from a previous known family. If this the to fulfill all desires of this wifes try same combination is associated with Ketu, so, he will marry the girl secretly.
– If in a female chart Moon is in Taurus the women will follow the conventional practices of marriage, but on the other hand she won’t hesitate to have an extra marital relationship.
– Venus in Taurus indicates the deep attraction towards a gorgeous woman, if other factors are ok so it will be resulted into marriage, after marriage the native will always try to fulfill all desires of his wife.
– Taurus, Caner, Leo, LIbra & Pisces are called the signs of romance and love affairs. If Venus, Sun, Moon or any of them would be there in these signs, so, the native will involve in love affairs or intimate relationship.
– 2nd house/lord, 7th house/lord and 11th house/lord connections are the main & basic rule to get married in astrology, if 5th house also co-joins with them so that could make love marriage, but the 5th house lord & Venus should be strong and well placed.
* Cancellation of Love Marriage or Love Marriage Problem :
I have already discussed a part of this above, in my writing, if you read the full article you will be able to find it.
Let me summaries :
(1) Any malefic effect on “Love Marriage Yoga”. It may be influence of malefic houses or planets.
(2) “Love Marriage” combination is there in Rashi Chart but not present in Navamsa Chart (The chart of marriage).
(3) Planets -forming “Love MarriageYoga” are weak or debilitated or combusted.
(4) No benific influence on afflicted planets who are forming “Love Marriage” Yoga.

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