“Mission requires margin

“Mission requires margin.” – Pastor Brady Boyd, Addicted to Busy
I just finished this book today and highly recommend it.
It’s so easy to get addicted to our work or even social media.
How are you creating margin and resting this weekend?
I got a hammock and a hammock stand for my birthday.
Ever since we were missionaries in Belize, I’ve loved hammocks. However, we haven’t had one or the space for one in years.
I was disappointed when my hammock stand came as it was so big. I measured it and the numbers showed it was NOT going to fit on our patio. It was literally just a few inches too long.
However, I felt the prompting to try setting it up today anyway. I cleared off our patio and started setting up the hammock stand.
And because of the way it is shaped, it just fit. I was so excited!
I felt like it was God’s little gift to me today.
I’ve been laying in my hammock and that’s actually where I finished this book.
It truly is a place where I can feel relaxed and rested.
How about you? What do you do to break away from the busyness and learn to truly rest?
What is one thing you could do this week to put more margin into your life?

13 thoughts on ““Mission requires margin

  1. It’s not resting per se but handwashing our vehicles this afternoon…it’s actually a way to break from our work. This week going boating with our kids and grands YAYYY!!

    1. Oh they are awesome. We can take this one camping with us too. I bet you would have a perfect place with a view of the lake for one at your new house Jocelyn Sams!

  2. I got a hammock from Guatemala from my sister in law (12 years ago!) and when we move soon I’m finally going to make posts to hang it up!

  3. Nice job lady! I went on a mission trip to in Belize. Life changing! We built on a church during the day and bible school with children at night.

  4. My husband helped build a church baptismal in Belize. He loved his time there. Thank you for serving Shelley!

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