My father used to say this to me “bad health is a function of an unhealthy spirit or mind

My father used to say this to me “bad health is a function of an unhealthy spirit or mind.” He still holds this strong belief that every sickness can be traced to some fault in the mind. I also believe it because now I hardly fall ill when I am truly aligned with my purpose, at peace with people and love is intact.
Your mind is a major asset, it is the chord that links your spirit with your body – my own science.
Is it possible to always be healthy in spirit? What about heartbreak? What about anger? What about those friends that stab you in the back? Those things that make you cry in your sleep. The world we are born into constantly dishes you a plateful of trouble, from when you step out of bed in the morning till when you cover yourself up to sleep.
So there is a continuous decay and deterioration happening to your body but your spirit struggles to pump strength back through your mind.
Why then should you guard you mind? Why should you feed the mind? Because it is the eye of your spirit, it is the bridge that gives your spirit a chance to keep your body alive.
If your mind is filled with anger and fear or shame and pain, it becomes like the eye with a cataract. Your body begins to fail and you see yourself reacting wrong to every situation, you lose control of who you are, depression creeps in and your body also takes on illness without a will to fight.
A broken mind is the agent of death. Eventually we die but don’t die while you live. Make a conscious decision to cultivate a healthy mind and you will begin to experience health and wellness.
Honestly vengeance is sweet. But do you know how much energy you spend waiting for that person to call so you can cut their call? Or how much sleepless night you give yourself wondering if they are also broke and hungry so that “50:50 no cheating” or do you think of how you sound when you ask God to bless you so you can have a secretary that will not let them enter your office until they book appointment?
Its not a secret why God is not answering your prayer, you want him to answer so you can be an hindrance to another person’s prayer.
Hurting too is a sweet feeling, it makes you aware that someone owes you. Even if there is a magic potion for repairing broken hearts, some people will still want to remember the name of that their first love, his phone number, the date of birth, the address of the restaurant he used to break up with you and his father’s middle name just in case you visit IFA.
Its not village forces chasing you in your dream; giving you insomnia, it is your own hand that is opening the door for sickness and pain. Stop wasting economic resources in prayer houses, holy spirit is not a civil servant.
PS. I don’t know the meaning of that last line too.

13 thoughts on “My father used to say this to me “bad health is a function of an unhealthy spirit or mind

  1. Lol… Holy spirit is more than a civil servant sef…

    But seriously, malaria? Is it also mindset that instigates it or mosquito kiss

    1. A healthy mind will know to clear gutters and stagnant water to avoid breeding and in other cases keep the room clean enough with all preventive measures like a net. The mind instructs you well eventually.

  2. Ok but before u enter bus where conductor will shout godan godan at you, mosquito might also come around, but i get the clear picture tho, very true

  3. This is beautiful…you need to see this movie if you haven’t…The War Within…it really explains how the mind, heart, will, emotion, memory and conscience play their roles in everything we do.

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